Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tribe Cards ala Dutch Treat

Yes, another "Lost Trade Package" post.

I only have three or four more.

But Jeroen, The Dutch Card Guy, always sends such great packages! I don't how or where but he always finds cards I need.

Like these.

All I had in 2013 Gypsy Queen was a Michael Brantley mini.
Jeroen also included the full-size Brantley.
These are actually all the Topps mini cards.
I had zero of these.
I have the Masterson and Bauer, but the rest are all new.
Then there's Documentary.
I am trying to complete the Indian set and I needed 4 out of 5 of these.
I only have one other gold card so that set is probably out of the equation.
I have a little over 27% of the regular set so maybe later tonight I'll
make up a want list.
I think this is a fun set.
I hope there are some other young kids interested.
Then there was some gold and sparkly cards.
These are always welcome. I'm not sure if I can complete these sets either,
but I am trying !
These last two photos show some of the other cards in the package.
There was a wide range of years and products.
All in all this was a terrific package.
Thanks Jeroen !
I have another pile started for you!


  1. That is the first Swisher card in Indians uniform. Is it photoshoped?
    You got a terrific player.

    You already got 2012 Series 2 cards? Blast! ;)

    1. Actually that was my second Swisher ! He is in 2013 Topps Heritage as an Indian.