Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quickie post !

Well, I had some big plans for my one year anniversary on Friday,but without my computer it's all going to be delayed. I'm amazed that I've been able to keep this going for a whole year,but now it's time for some slight tweaks to the whole concept which I hope will make this blog a lot more interesting and informative.Also, there will be a whole new venue for trading.The changes are going to be exciting for me and I hope for others too! Thanks to all who have been reading and hang in there,the parts for my pc are supposed to be here next week!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Thursday night our PC would not power up.Fan and monitor, but nothing else.Hope to be back early next week!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More on Fan Paks with Checklist

Fan Paks by Enterplay

I have seen at least two other posts on this relatively new product so now I thought I'd add my 2-cents worth.

Six card packs sell for $1.99

Six pack blasters sell for $9.95

So far I have only seen them at Target, although I'm sure they are, or will be, available elsewhere.

Each pack has 2 Standees, 2 Headline Cards, 1 Trivia / Game Card and 1 Tatoo Card

They are available in three different wrapper designs. If you know me and my wrapper collection, you know I had to buy one of each !

Here are the three wrapper designs.

The green finger wrapper features David Ortiz and Josh Hamilton.

The orange finger wrapper features A-Rod and Albert Puhols.

The blue finger wrapper features Ichiro and Jimmy Rollins.

Cards 1-35 are "Headline" cards with player photos on the front and simulated newspaper stories on the back.

No's 36-70 are called 'Standees". The center, player section, of these die-cut cards punches out, then folds on pre-scribed lines and locks together to form a stand-up player card.

The back of each Standee has 3 trivia questions about the featured player.

71-88 are Trivia / game cards.

They feature several trivia questions and facts on both sides of the cards.

Tatoo cards are numbered T-1 through T-22.

They have team logos, catch phrases and other misc. baseball related symbols.

I have two of the Hanley Ramiriz Standees,so he became the guinea pig for folding .
These are kind of neat. I've always liked odd-ball items anyway.

The checklist for these cards can be found here : enter-play
The biggest complaint I have with these cards is the odd size @ 3 3/8 " square, which can create storage problems.
They are a fun set and, for you canucks, there is also a Hockey Fan Pak set !