Thursday, July 25, 2013

No Cards Tonight for Baseball GrandDad

That's right !

As of  2:40  CST this afternoon, I am a proud Grandfather !

Meet  Miranda Jane Harner
Born in St.Louis, she is the daughter of my son Andrew and his beautiful wife Liz.
They live in Vandalia, Il. where Andy is the sports editor/writer/photographer
for the Vandalia  Leader-Union.
She is our first grandchild and we are all very excited!


  1. Wahoo!! Congratulations!! That is WWAAYYY better than cardboard will ever be!

  2. Congrats.... gee now you'll have to change the entire blog to Baseball Grand Dad. LOL

  3. You all have to be proud because she's a beauty! Now you're a father two times.
    All the best!

  4. Congrats Baseball Granddad and to your family as well..

  5. Cute kid.. congratulations, man!

  6. Yes she's cute, but I had to look up "Mazel tov" ! Thanks it was a very happy day and much better than any cardboard.

    NO I'm not changing the name of the blog, but you can refer to me by whatever name you wish. (just keep it clean!)

    Thanks, thanks, yes she is a good looking kid. Thanks, thanks, and we will enjoy all our time with her! Yes, we are all very proud! Thanks from everyone, thanks, thanks. Again she is cute and thanks !!

    There,that should cover everyone!

    Things will get back to normal now for a while, until we head out west to meet little Miranda.

    Oh, and THANKS !!!