Thursday, June 30, 2011

10 cent box card show finds and unopened football

You don't see or hear about football very much on this blog but I couldn't "pass" these up !

These unopened packs were selling at 3/$1 so I bought a sampling. Now what do I do with them? I may put one of each on "A Pack to be Named Later". I haven't posted on there for ever.

Should I open all of them? Should I trade them? Is anyone interested in them ?

I didn't realize this pic turned out so bad. This was one of my favorite finds.

Ok, so these were not in the 10 cent boxes. (everything after this, was )

1965 Topps Embossed. These were inserted in regular packs although I don't know at what rate.

I got about 32 of these with some duplicates. Mostly commons but a few noteworthy names were in the mix. Joe Torre, Ed Kranepool ('69 Amazing Mets), Jim Bouton, Boog Powell, Leon Wagner( the only Indian), Tommy Davis, Lee Maye and Dick Ellsworth. Most were marked at $1 a piece, $2 for some. I paid $12 for all of them.

1980 Topps Burger King Bruce Sutter

1983 Kellogg's 3-D Super Stars Bill Buckner

1985 Topps Collector's Series Jim Gentile

1988 Nestle Chocolate John Franco

2005 Donruss Throwback Threads Polo Grounds insert 30/35 Todd Helton.

1994 Ted Williams Card Co. Dan Gardiner art work #'d 38938 Brian Hunter

1998 Donruss Collections

Donruss # 64 Fred McGriff

Donruss #36 Albert Belle

Donruss Preferred #2 (Collection # 552 ) Executive Suite Frank Thomas

( For those few who may be interested, this card had a production run of less than 1400 and books for $7.50 )

1988 Fleer Baseball's Hottest Stars #41 Darryl Strawberry

1993Upper Deck On Deck #D 17 Eric Karros

1992 Cartwrights Players Choice #18 Jim Thome

2000 Pacific Paramount Emerald #61 Sean Casey

2000 Pacific Paramount Gold #61 Sean Casey

2000 Pacific Paramount Emerald #3 Darin Erstad

1994 Post #29 Jeff Bagwell

1986 Quaker Chewy Granola Bars #6 Steve Garvey

1987 Fleer Baseball All Stars #3 Wade Boggs

1981-88 Renata Galasso/TCMA Baseball Immortals #15 Alexander Cartwright

2003 Topps 205 #149 John McGraw

1981-88 Renata Galasso/TCMA Baseball Immortals #7 Ban Johnson

1960 Fleer Baseball Greats #53 Jimmy Foxx

Even though it's badly miss cut,this is probably the best card I found.

Not bad for a 10 cent box !

1979 Topps #170 Don Sutton

1990 Classic #116 Carlton Fisk

1989 Pacific Legends #147 Jim O'Toole

1989 Pacific Legends #127 Paul Waner

1988 Pacific Legends #89 Roger Maris

1994 Upper Deck All Time Heroes #104 Christy Mathewson

1994 Upper Deck All Time Heroes #102 King Kelly

2009 Topps Walmart Black #40 Carl Crawford

2009 Topps Walmart Black #61 Berkman and Lee

I picked up 18 2008 Topps Gold versions. These are some of the most prominent players.

I also always search for unopened baseball wax.

I got Fred Lynn in the 1990 Topps Traded and Jamie Moyer and Joe Carter in the 1989 Fleer.

Kenny Rogers, Chipper Jones and Wade Boggs in Series 1.

John Franco Museum Collection and Rickey Henderson in Series 2.

This was just a sample of the cards I picked up at this show. I hope the same seller is at the next show with the same boxes, as I had to leave behind a lot of nice cards !

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Topps redemption auto and trading with Ike's Cards

Sometimes when you lose you win.

I was one of the "losers" in Fan of Reds Gypsy Queen break. I only got 4 Tribe cards with 2 duplicates ! I became the recipient of one of the upc symbols to get a free auto. I finally sent it in about three weeks ago and received my card today. This Daniel Hudson was my prize. My youngest son, Andy, is into D-Backs a little so he will probably end up with it.

I also completed a trade with Ike's Cards and, speaking of Gypsy Queen.....

This was to be the main subject of the trade.I sent him a Scott Rolen jersey card, along with a mixture of other Cardinals for this Josh Tomlin auto. He is really looking good for the Tribe this year. We'll probably trade him to the Phillies !!

Jim Thome was another one of my heroes traded to Philadelphia. This is a nice card, 093/150, from Topps M & M.

These cards, from 2001 Gallery, are really sharp. This is one of my favorite sets.

Also included was a sparkly Fausto Carmona and a sepia Travis Hafner.

1955. I was four years old when the '55 Bowman set came out. Six or seven years later when I started collecting, one of my older friends had some " TV set " Bowmans. I was so jealous !

I was excited all over again in 2004 when these Bowman Heritage cards came out. I really like the Kiner.

Next up is a gold Tomlin, a Bowman Michael Brantley rookie and a chrome Drew Pomeranz.

2009 Upper Deck Icons. Another good looking set. I really miss the choices we had before the greed set in and sent us back to 1956.

The black Walmart parallels. I liked the concept but the way they presented it just didn't work out real well for me.

This card could make me forget all my troubles ! If only I could find an original one, I could retire a very rich man ! 2011 Sixty Years of Topps, "The Lost Cards".

Speaking of lost. What a blow to the Tribe. Choo was finally starting to claw his way back to his form of last year (and Spring Training).

There were also many base cards from these three sets in Ike's package.

I was feeling pretty good about this trade up to now. I felt what I received was more than adequate for what I had sent out.

Then I pulled this out of the mailer !

A 5/10 Manny Ramirez Moments and Milestones.

And then all of these !!

2006 Upper Deck Artifacts MLB Game Used Apparel Ben Broussard jersey.

2009 Goodwin Champions Travis Hafner jersey.

2006 Upper Deck Artifacts AL Artifacts Ben Broussard jersey.

Now I'm feeling bad !

I will be looking for some more Cardinal game used items for you Issac !

Thank you very much for the great trade !

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cliff Lee makes a return to Ohio !

Where in the world is Traveling

Cliff Lee !!

Many months ago, April 1, 2010 to be exact, I posted about this card.

I received this card from Mark's Ephemera. MJ in Dublin, Ca. had sent it to him. I wondered how far it would get if I passed it on, never dreaming it would find it's way back to me again !

Well, I made a trade with Ike's Cards and to my surprise there was Cliff ! If you look on the right side of the card, my initials and home town are right beside Ike's. I also received some very nice Tribe cards along with Cliff. I will post them at a later date.

The card has done some serious traveling. Michigan, United Kingdom, Missouri, Wales, Canada, two trips to Illinois, North Dakota and New York.

I'll be sending him off again, although I don't know when or where.

So if you do any trading with me, Cliff just may end up in your mailbox!

Or you may just randomly receive this card someday.

Monday, June 13, 2011

In search of the elusive Mantle !



That's rings, of course.

All I can do is hope for some more "digs" and maybe uncover the Holy Grail

of the Topps Diamond Giveaway rings.

One lonely corner.

Will it ever be filled ?
Odds are, no.

But just as I have unyielding faith in the Tribe,

I will be hoping for Mantle until the last hole is dug !

Stay tuned for some really great card show finds from yesterday.

There was GOLD in the discount box !!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

$1.00 2011 Topps packs and Series II

Trips to the Dollar Store and to Walmart provided a few surprises today.

This is what I picked up.

You'll notice the pack on the left says 5 cards.

The Dollar Store had a box of these opened up and packs were only $1.00 each !

20 cents a card is a little more than the 16 1/2 cents per card in a regular pack, but I was hoping for some cheap code cards. I should have known better......

.... nothing but 5 packs of base cards !

However , they also had 2008 Timeline packs.

I bought two of those.It's kind of an interesting set to me anyway.

Today it was very interesting....

....Yea !! An auto in a $1.00 pack !

Granted, he's not a superstar, but you never know .

OK, let's see what series II has to offer !
I bought one regular pack and two rack packs.

Joe Mauer code card # TDG-19.

I did get a 1966 card but the "dig" function wasn't working tonight so I'll have to wait for my 54th ring.

A couple Diamond Anniversary sparkly parallels.

I have almost 50 of these. I'm looking to trade them for Cleveland Indians.

Anybody have some ??

I have one, Chris Perez.

I got both versions of the Cardinals.

Issac, I just sent you a box of Cardinal cards. I'll drop these in the mail too !

This is the Puhols 60 Years of Topps regular back # 60YOT-111.
I'm trying to complete this set from series I, but I don't know why they didn't stop at 60 cards.
Marie, if you don't have it, you may find this in your mailbox.

This trio has Night Owl written all over it !!
I've got some other cards for him anyway, might as well add these.

Four random cards.
My youngest son Andy collects Howard, so that goes in his pile.
Actually he collects Angels too, so Winfield may end up there as well.
The bottom two I just like !
I love the throwback uniforms.

And even two Tribe cards for me !!

Then there was this.

To me, this is just an amazingly beautiful card.

2011 Series II at Walmart now and Ohio contest

Just a quick note. There is a contest at a relatively new blog, Buckeye State Cards . Great prizes so check it out !

I picked up some 2011 Topps Series II at Walmart today! I hope to have a post later tonight.