Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tradin' Time in Portugal

Every once in a while I used to see a random comment from someone who called herself Ana Lu.

I didn't think to much about it because there are a lot of folks who read some of our humble blogs.

Recently, I discovered that Ana Lu has her own blog now ! She does  a great job of analyzing cards and has a very interesting outlook on collecting. You can read her words of wisdom at Hobby Cards of Europe.

We had a few conversations via email and decided to work out a trade.

Here are some of the goodies that I received in her package !

She has followed my meager blog enough to know I collect wrappers.
I received a nice little stack including a couple I can use in my collection !
There was also this interesting piece.
A  "You Crash the Game" checklist
 that I have never seen before.
Ana Lu was worried that she didn't have many Cleveland Indian cards to send
 but picked some nice ones.
I needed the Jason Donald rookie card, and she also
included my favorite player, Jason Kipnis!
Next she touched on my love for the history of the game.
I love this set !
I have some others to go with them.
Even a wrapper in my collection ! 
Situated right next to the 1995 Denny's wrapper is the
1995 Comic Images
Phil Rizzuto's
"The National Pastime".
Thanks go out to Ana Lu,
for a great trade package !!

1 comment:

  1. WoW the cards look great with you! =)
    This is just my second trade with a fellow blogger. Still getting used to it.
    Glad you like it and that I managed to get you a few of the things you collect between packs, tribe cards and baseball history.
    That Phil Rizzuto's set is quite awesome and very useful to learn a bit more about this great pastime.