Tuesday, December 29, 2009

200 and counting ! Looking for A&G Tribe cards

My 200th post thanks to Duane over at Democratic Roadkill He asked if I needed A&G minis so I made up this list and figured I might as well post it for everyone to see.One of my new year projects will be to post all of my Indian cards which in turn will result in huge want /have list for all of you out there who are interested in trading.I am also going to start posting all the cards I have to trade. The trade list will be on my new blog " Baseball Dad's Trading Post" which will open on Jan 1st. All-Tribe Baseball will still be here.It will just be more Tribe related.

Here's my entire A&G and 2009 Goudey "HAVE LIST"


16 Peralta
33 Sabathia
34 Belliard
35 Hafner
57 Martinez
103 Boone
160 Sizemore
241 Wickman

33 Sabathia reg back

Dick Perez Sketch Cards
8 Hafner


17 Peralta
60 Barfield
65 Marte
84 Blake
92 Martinez
106 Saabathia
181 Borowski
287 Hafner
325 Sizemore

17 Peralta reg back
106 Saabathia reg back
181 Borowski reg back
181 Borowski A&G

NCC4 Sizemore reg back

DickPerez Sketch Card
8 Sizemore


5 Sabathia
65 Martinez
71 Carmona
75 Hafner
83 Kobayashi
190 Sizemore
203 Peralte
241 Garko

5 Sabathia reg back
65 Martinez reg back
71 Carmona reg back
83 Kobayashi reg back
203 Peralta reg back
190 Sizemore reg back

US 15 Blake
US 34 Hafner
US 47 Sizemore

AGR-VM Martinez jersey grey


41 Martinez
119 Lewis
126 Crowe
197 Peralta
250 Sizemore
277 Wood
280 Choo
306 Lee

119 Lewis reg back
126 Crowe reg back
197 Peralta reg back
250 Sizemore reg back

277 Wood A&G

280 Choo Black Border


AGR-GSI Sizemore jersey white
AGR-TH Hafner jersey grey

Sunday, December 27, 2009

4 HR'S and Santa's other Christmas Goodies

Santa has been here and gone but he won't be soon forgotten !

As some of you know, Mcann Can Triple, over at A rookie card collector , set up a Secret Santa for any interested bloggers. Wickedortega over at My past time was my "Secret Santa". He sent this absolutely fantastic magazine!

A March 1990 Sports History with Tribe slugger Rocky Colavito on the cover. He was the lead in a story about players who have hit 4 HR's in one game. The Rock did it on June 10,1959 and at that time became only the 8th player to do so.The list has now grown to 15 with only 4, including the Rock, to do it in consecutive at bats.

On top of that,the magazine is autographed by Rocky !

Thank you so much for this great item!!

This conglomeration of items came from the REAL Santa. You know, from the North Pole and down the chimney. The real deal !

Starting at the top we have a patriotic Wahoo t-shirt, a wooden stand-up cut-out that my son thought resembled me with the mustache (maybe years ago when mine was still dark !). Hanging from the cut-out's hand are two more ornaments for my tree. May have to get a bigger one next year ! Behind the ornaments are some wall clings and below a set of Ken Burns' Baseball History on VHS tapes.I could watch that series forever. Down in front is a book my wife found, "Joe DiMaggio,The Hero's Life", a fun little nerf ball game, a small round picture frame and some 2007 Topps and 2009 Topps Update cards. Nothing special in the cards except for a Honus Wagner that I already managed to lose!!

Thanks Santa !!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Post Christmas Post

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas ! We certainly did. I added some baseball items to my collection which I will post later. I also have some holiday letters to get out.My intentions were good, my time management was not! I planned to send a Christmas greeting to everyone I have traded with in my "rookie" blogger year and enclose a card that I thought they would like. After printing out a list of all the bloggers in my email contacts, I discovered I have many more new friends than I realized. I was careful to keep track of who I sent to and who I didn't, so many of you will be receiving a revised Christmas / New Year greeting. That's the first thing on my agenda.Then I have 7 mailers that I need to catch up on. Some are the return half of trades and others I need to fulfill our trade obligations. When I get that finished, about the middle of July (hopefully long before that !! ), I am opening up a second blog.

Looking back on my first full year, I realized my blog content was not nearly what I intended when I started. Making trades has become such a big part of the blogosphere, all my Tribe information has gotten put on the back burner. Now I love doing the trades, although I have to devise a plan for the new year to make sure I keep track of everyone, I still want to talk more about my Indians (who are starting to shape up a little). The new blog will be called "Baseball Dad's Trading Post". A little play on words there. ( Trading post as in early American settler days and Post as in blogging........ sorry 'bout that ! ). The trading post will have my want lists as well as many cards I have available for trade.I also may have some occasional posts on other non-Indian sports card subjects.You can still contact me through this blog as well, I just want to try and confine most of my trading deals to the trading post to help keep them under control.

Monday morning, my youngest son Andy will be headed to Boise to cover the BG Falcons in the Humanitarian Bowl. That's after he goes to Browns game tomorrow. His girlfriend gave him two, 50 yard line tickets for Christmas. What a sweetheart ! She doesn't know that he and I are going and she's staying home ! (YEAH, RIGHT !!) Too cold for me anyway.

Well got to get started on some of this stuff, let's see , who's next on the list ? NY_hitman_23, Capewood and others. Gotta' get started, I'm off work until Wednesday morning.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All !
May there be peace and harmony throughout the world today and let us spread love and happiness to everyone regardless of our personal beliefs.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

2009 Topps 206 - My first sighting.

Merry Christmas !

This is the 24" tree that sits atop of my desk for the holidays
as part of my Baseball Christmas decor !

I worked today,until noon.When I got home and walked in the front door there was this wonderful aroma.This is what I saw upon entering the kitchen. My wife (in the background behind my oldest son Josh) along with two of my sister-in-laws. If you look close in the bottom left corner you can see what they were up to. Christmas cookies !!!!!!!!
So much for my sugar count.

But here's what you really want to see. I stopped at Target on my way home to check on Topps Unique. No luck. But I did find T-206.
First pack held these:

Start with a couple pitchers.
John Maine Mets
James Shields Rays

Then both ends of the baseball spectrum.
A rookie and a HOF'er
Bailey had a good year for Oakland
and what can I say about Gehrig that you don't already know!

David Wright Mets
Not bad for the first gold parallel.
Albert Puhols , the first mini.
Also not too bad!
Pack 2

My first Triber. Yeah !
And my first ex- Triber!

Gil Meche Royals
Mel Ott N.Y. Giants
First National Leaguer to reach 500 HR's.

Tommy Hanson Braves
Rookie Gold
Dice K mini
Both minis were regular Piedmont backs but Puhols had an obvious pale yellow colored back.
Does that mean anything?

Just what Tommy's Mom wants to see on his 1st.(?) baseball card!!
Seems like nice cards but I'm still not a set collector.
Someone just might find some of these in a Christmas card.
( If you ask Santa !)

Friday, December 4, 2009

A year older but I'm back!

My PC is finally up and running again,although a bit slow. I had had some plans for my 1 year anniversary but that has come and gone now so I'll just say thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read any of my ramblings and also for all the great trades.I have 5 yellow mailers to be posted and get returns in order.My apologies for the delay for all involved. Thanks and welcome to the new followers also! I have to work 1/2 a day tomorrow and then I hope to get back to some posting.We pretty much have all of our Christmas decorating done so I should have some time to relax a little now.

Oh, as of very early this morning I have entered the final year of my fifties. 59 today! Really don't feel that old. One bargain to mention.How about a 2009, 18th Edition of Sports Collector's Digest standard catalog , all 1,848 pages plus a copy on a cd, for $7.87 !!! At Ollies