Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lost and Found : Big Tribe card Stash 2x3

And the bad part is, I didn't even know it was lost.

This whole moving from one room to another thing has allowed me to reorganize a few things, sort out a few cards and now locate eight, that's right, eight "lost" trade packages!

I have this small plastic cart on wheels, that has three drawers.
I started putting some trade packages I received in the bottom drawer until I had a chance to post about them.

Well, now I have time, sort of, so I'll get started. See, they weren't really lost, just waiting in the bullpen. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it !

I figured I'd start with the oldest one but one PWE didn't have a legible date so Jeff Wilk from 2x3 Heroes is up first.

I do remember seeing and requesting these two HOF'ers.
The "Mick".
My childhood, baseball hero.
I've always been an Indian fan, but I always wanted to see Mantle hit a HR.
Jackie Robinson
I didn't really know about all the racial problems of the 50's
when I was growing up. Our little town was pretty peaceful.
It is impossible to even try to imagine what it was like back then. 
Next up on the  "Lost Trade Packages"  is Nomo's Sushi Platter
I also have about 16 trade packages to go out,
 but not all at once !

Saturday, June 29, 2013

You Get the Cards, I get the Wrappers and a PWE

David, over at Tribe Cards, loves to bust packs and give cards away.

I don't usually get involved in his give-a-way projects as we both collect Indian cards and he, obviously, normally keeps the Tribe cards for himself.

But this time he must have had some duplicates.

First the wrappers.

According to David, this is just the beginning.
There were some commons like this 1987 Topps,
and this 1989 Topps
Most "purist" wrapper collectors will display their wax unfolded like these photos.
However, I choose to fold mine to the same size as the original packs.
1996 SPx was among the upper echelon of the mid 1990's baseball cards.
2006 Tristar  Prospects Plus, Inaugural Edition.
This is getting a little more interesting, 1978 Topps.
but it gets better.
1981 Topps Scratch-Off.
These were a fun novelty item at the time,
but probably wouldn't excite too many collectors
with today's technology.
Now some cardboard.
After all,
that's what we're all interested in today!
My first, and only, 2013 Tribe Turkey Red cards.
I know the "game-used" cards have suffered some major set backs the last few years. You just don't know what to believe anymore. But they are much more affordable now for those of us who want to complete player and team collections.
This International Connection card has Omar's home flag embossed into the wood.
And who could not like a Jim Thome Super Star Swatch.
Thanks David for the great cards and wrappers !
And I also received a PWE from
Brad at  Red Sox Fan in NE.
First, a couple new Topps Tribe base cards.
Plus this really great Red Parallel.
I love the look on Brett's face !
Thanks Brad, we'll have to do some more trading soon !

Monday, June 24, 2013

If Only I'd Known When I Was Younger.....

I could have had a free cap !

Of course, my Mother probably would have had a problem with me hanging out with all the old farmers and boozers when I was two years old.

I just received this great card from Paul,
at Carl Crawford Cards.

1952 Red Man Tobacco
Jim Hegan
It has some rounded corners and a couple creases,
but just enough to give it the really loved look.
All I would have needed was 50 bottom tabs to get a free cap,
 with the logo of my favorite team as well.
And free shipping !
Toledo is only a little over an hour from here,
I could have even hand delivered them.
If only I'd known......
Thanks Paul for the great card !
I now have a '52 and a '55.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

This is the Way Nachos Break

What : 2013 Topps Archives 3 box group break

Why : to get more cards, of course !

Where : Nachos Grande

When : the past couple weeks

Who : Fan of Reds

Here's the loot.
Naturally, the Indians were my team of choice.
Unfortunately, the Tribe just doesn't get much respect !
My random team was the Rockies.
Had a chance to trade them for the Pirates.
Forgot until it was too late, lost a Clemente card !
However !
I was one of the lucky recipients of this redemption card.
Maybe I can pull an old Feller card.
Chris was kind enough to include this little guy also.
I have two or three of these but no Indians !
He also remembered my Wrapper Collection.
I don't have easy access to hobby packs so these are greatly appreciated.
Especially the old tattoo wax wrapper !  Sweet !!
Thanks to Nachos Grande for the break.
Maybe if the Indians keep winning,
 like they did in the mid 90's,
I'll get more cards next year !!

Friday, June 21, 2013

USA Baseball - New Jim Abbott

I have always been a huge fan of Jim Abbott.

He is one of the few non-Indian players I collect. Just to get into a Major League line-up takes a special talent, but what he accomplished really shows what he's made of and says a ton about his upbringing. Most wouldn't have even tried, but failing wasn't an option for Jim.

I bought this pack, not even knowing there was an Abbott card in the checklist,
 and ended up with two !
The first is just an advertising card but it goes in the album anyway.
This " Champions" card tells of his complete game victory in South Korea in 1988
that gave the USA first place.
The base cards are interesting, but I wish they would have told what the players are doing now.
The final card was special also.
ex- Indian player/manager
Frank Robinson

Thursday, June 20, 2013

2x3 Heroes Rescues Victor

There's nothing better than an unexpected envelope from a fellow blogger.

It's just like ripping packs, you never know what might be inside.

Now this was a small package, but sometimes bigger is not always better.

Dion came to Cleveland, from the Braves, in the middle of the 1989 season.
He hit .259 for the Braves and .306 for the Tribe
Jumping up to 2012 Topps Archives, we have A Cab.
We really miss him in the line-up right now, hopefully he will be back soon.
Going back in time again to 2003.
Ellis joined the Tribe in 2001, clubbing 23 homers and adding 32 more in 2002.
Ryan Garko spent several steady years in Cleveland.
This black parallel O-Pee-Chee is one I needed.
Straight into the binder you go !
Speaking of parallels, Jeff, from 2x3 Heroes, in a short note
 said he found this in a dime box and had to rescue it.
I'm certainly glad he did.
Another nice addition to my Tribe collection.
Thanks to Jeff for the great cards !

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Update on My New Man Cave

This is what I've been doing lately instead of posting.

These photos are just an indication of the very early development of my new room. The positioning of most of the items is totally random at this point and very subject to change.

Pay no attention to the walls and ceiling, they still have unfinished drywall. Not sure what I want to do there yet. Getting my wife's room finished is a much higher priority !

This is the view from my chair. My desk is designed to be in a corner, but in this case it's not.
Moving around to the right side, there are more boxes of cards that I'm trying to get sorted.
As you look above the right side of the desk you can see a 3-door armoire which is being converted into a storage area for card boxes. The top serves as a home for my bobble heads. The ceiling fan will be swapped out for the Hunter baseball fan I have in my old room. The plastic HOF mug, and other misc. items, are sitting on top of a 7-shelf, glass front case my Father built for me about 50 years ago. I used it to store model cars I built as a kid.
Still sitting in my chair, panning around to the right, you can see two of my bookcases and the tv, tuned into the Cleveland-Kansas City game. Just to the right of the short bookcase is the door to my son's room.
Turning in my chair, just past the doorway, is another corner table with a small bookcase hutch on top. Hammerin' Hank looks down on me at all times. I picked up the pencil drawing at a flea market for $5 !
The other half of the table is a catch-all right now. I hope to use that area as a sorting table.There will plenty of storage area underneath as well.
This view is a little misleading. The chair has turned and the back is facing my desk.
So, sitting at my desk, all I have to do is swing around to my left to have full access to all my Tribe card binders.
As you can see, I have a lot of work to do yet. That, coupled with all I have to do in my wife's room, will surely keep me busy throughout the summer.
So that's all for now as I need to get back to work.
I am surprised no one has had any input  on this.
There really is a difference in the shade of the foil on these cards.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Help with Topps !! Gold or Bronze ?

I've never seen anything written on this, but I'm pretty sure there probably has been.

Has anyone ever noticed a difference in 1993 Topps Gold cards ?

I have three Indian cards that seem more bronze than gold.

Here's the "normal" gold.
Here's the "bronze".
You can easily see the difference and it's not  just the way the light hits the cards.
I'm guessing this is just some sort of production variance.
Does anyone know anything about this ?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

ebay Vintage

Yes, I admit it.

I'm an ebay junkie.

Well, it's not really that bad.

I do a lot more searching than buying.

But on occasion I make a purchase, usually cheap lots.

Here's what I got this time.

1972 Tug McGraw
According to the back of the card, he got his nickname from "tugging " on pull toys as a child !
1977 Vida Blue
1980 Ron Cey
1980 Leon Roberts
1960 Don McMahon
1974 AS Pitchers
Jim Hunter and Rick Wise
1960 Willie Tasby
Don and Willie got the old scotch tape treatment.
1979 Steve Henderson
1961 Bob Oldis
1979 Ken Clay
1979 John Urrea
Don't think there is much HOF potential here.
1977 Jim Mason
1961 Hal Brown
1978 Bob Davis
1978 Butch Wynegar
A few nice cards here, but those of you who know "Baseball Dad", know he is not into set building or vintage cards unless they are more like the next two. Which is why I really made this purchase !
1951 Allie Clark
1952 "Birdie Tebbets
These were sweet additions to my Tribe collection.
This afternoon I'm off to Pittsburgh. I have to attend a one day class tomorrow on
 Chrysler/Dodge/ Jeep 4WD systems.
Then it's back to the ole' grind !
See ya' all next time

Friday, June 7, 2013

Dime Box Tribe Cards

During the process of moving into my new "dugout", as it shall now be known, I have been able to reorganize a few things and get back on track.

I also found a drawer full of trade packages, which I will work on getting posted.

Tonight is a great package I received from Nick,
 the "Dime Box King" !

Let's start with one bright spot in the Tribe wigwam this year,
Justin Masterson.
Next, a couple Thomes.
A past bright spot.
I thought Barfield would work out better than it turned out,
but I don't remember Carter at all.
It is a very cool card though.
I wish I could have been around to see Lou B.
And Larry Doby !
Always like to see gold !!
But tonight, Ubaldo was more cold than gold.
I did get to see Kenny play.
What an exciting player !
Speaking of gold, this is the gold version of the Tribe hologram
from 1992 Upper Deck.  Nice !
1987 Sportflics.
Joe Carter.
Another one that got away.
Now you know !
To me, the highlight of this package was this...
Steve Hargan.
1968 Topps Game Blue Back.
 Thanks Nick, for the awesome package.
You'll be getting a return package next week, including your "free" card !