Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lost Trade Package from My Own Card Shop

Yep, this one is from Dan and His Card Shop
Dan's package had a return address label with Christmas packages on it.
Would you believe......I just received it yesterday?
How about last month?
How about the middle of December,  sorry Dan !
Dan sent a little stack of 1992 Topps Indian cards.
Ooops !
Oh oh, well, maybe no one will notice.
I always liked these Topp Stars.
I like the player's  "glow".
This red-bordered Choo is also nice.
Any parallels are always welcome.
Serial #'d cards are welcome as well.
2002 Earl Snyder Sweet Beginnings  125/1300
2002 Carl Sadler Diamond Connection  1911/1999
This SPx was part of a rather complex set.
The forerunner of today's parallels.
Nice Alomar !  1095/9000
Plus a Jim Thome card
Oh, did I mention, the 1992 Topps cards are a mini team set !
When I said "small" stack I meant small stack !
There were a few other cards in the package .
One was shown in this post.
Did you see it !!??

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