Friday, August 27, 2010

Important news !!!!!

Just want to let everyone know my PC is down right now. You can still contact me at if necessary.

This week-end we are moving our youngest son, Andy, to Vandalia, Il. He has accepted a position there as sports editor/sports writer/sports photographer.It is a small, weekly paper but he has a generous starting salary. We found him an apartment last week so he moves in tomorrow and starts work on monday morning ! Tuesday night he also went on a walk with with his girlfriend and her dog.

Confused or wondering about that last line ?? We are dog sitting for his girlfriend Liz, as she had to move in with her sister for a while. Andy took "Colors" over to her house so they could go for a walk. Nothing abnormal there. Soon, he pulled out his phone to answer a "call " . He told Liz it was his Mom and she had found one of the dog's tags on the floor at home and Liz should check the dog collar. Liz panicked and bent down to look. A shocked,blank look came over her face !

Behind the dog tags she found a sparkling diamond ring !!

An Aug 2011 wedding is planned !!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New postage and trading with McCann Can Triple

The other day, as I was sending out a return package for Sarah over at McCann Can Triple , I noticed that the local Post Office had the the new Negro League postage stamps available.

"Rube" Foster, one of the main forces behind the beginning of the official Negro League, is featured on the stamps. It actually takes two stamps to show the entire scene of the ball field with Rube, inset in the foreground.

They are sold in sheets of 20 stamps with all four plate blocks showing the same number.

And now to my trade with Sarah !

It starts with a mixture of Topps, Bowman and Upper Deck.
I love the Upper Deck card with Sizemore running down a fly ball.
Hopefully he will be back on his horse next year!

Next, we step into the past with some 1991 Donruss.
Ah, the good old days when collecting was sweet and simple.

A great A&G mini of Cliff Lee.
We sure miss him.

But Choo can create a lot of excitement !
I really like this Bowman card.

OK, I know a lot of you out there don't like Upper Deck X but I, for one, do.
These are some very nice X, X-2 and X-3 examples.
Plus a green Starquest C.C.

Well, since Pronk wasn't in the Home Run Derby, I didn't win the big prize.
But this is still a great card for my collection.

Now for the real "hit" of the trade
A terrific V-Mart jersey card.
I have the Peralta from this set but I didn't have the Martinez.
Until now !!
Thank you very much Sarah for the great cards !!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Lofty Bobble

A bright,sunny evening at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio.

It's Cleveland HOF induction day.

One empty chair awaits the arrival of a new inductee.

But first, a new member for the Distinguished HOF.
Cy Slapnicka, who is most remembered as a scout, for his signing of Bob Feller, Bob Lemon and Lou Boudreau.

Yes! It's Kenny Lofton !
The newest member of the Cleveland Indians HOF.

Here, Kenny makes his way to the ceremony.

Helping Kenny into his jacket were other HOF members Charley Nagy Sandy Alomar Jr.

Kenny takes a try at pitching as he throws out the ceremonial first pitch.

Then the game began.
Not exactly the the bast game of the year.
The young Cleveland team has a lot of potential and if they stay together.
Next year should be better !

This was another bright spot of the evening.
All fans received this great Kenny Lofton bobblehead
honoring his "catch" on Aug. 4, 1996.
I wonder if B. J. Surhoff was there to get one ?!!
This gives me at least 15 Cleveland Indian bobbles.
Another post.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

An OK Suprise and a new member of our family

Meet " Colors ". A temporary new member of our family ! Colors is a seven year old Shetland (miniature collie) who belongs to our youngest son's girlfriend. She needed someone to take her in for while so we volunteered.Colors was a little apprehensive at first but finally calmed down on the living room floor with a pillow from Andy's room.

Now, the surprise was Ok as in Oklahoma. Jeremy over at no one's going to read this blog sent me a few Tribe cards to perk up my summer a little. Lord knows the Tribe isn't doing their part! They had a nice win streak going but that seems to have faded out.

This is my first Manny Acta card ! At first I was a little concerned when they chose him, but the more I see, the more I like. He has a good base of players, they just need some experience. I never lose my my faith in the Tribe !

The past - Kenny Lofton
The departed - Victor Martinez
The new - Justin Masterson
The yet to be- Ben Carlson
Ben had terrific college numbers :
.326 AVG. - .611 SLG - 38 HR - 149 G
But is currently struggling in A ball

Jeremy also sent about a dozen oldies but goodies as shown here.

Thanks very much for the great Tribe cards !

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mets Collector Attic

First, there is a new Mets blog. Mets Collector Attic. He seems anxious to get involved in the sports card world so if you get a chance pop on over and say hello !

Yeah, I know I haven't had much to say as of late. Been busy around the house and watching the Tribe finally getting some of the pieces put together. 7 wins in the last 10 games ! A 4-game sweep of Detroit and 2 of 3 from the Twins. The next two series' will tell the story. Rays and Yankees.

I've mentioned a wrapper collection and a few of you have graciously sent me some hobby versions and others. Thank you very much. And David, a late answer to your question.I only collect baseball wrappers. To the tune of 1,295 different ones ! Some of the differences are subtle. The wrapper may look the same but one might have 5 cards and the other 8. Or 12, or 18. There are really a lot of variations. That's one thing I've been doing . Sorting them all out and getting them in albums so I can make up a checklist.I also have a lot of duplicates in case anyone else is a little crazy like me and interested in wrappers.

I do hope to get back to more regular posts now so I will get to work on something, hopefully, more interesting !

Monday, July 5, 2010

A little baseball humor and a football wedding.

Well, I said it was a little humor !

Last week, our local county seat newspaper from Norwalk, Ohio,
had this interesting marriage licence application.

When Charlie played for the Browns there was a lot of hoopla in the area.Obviously things have calmed down a little. I'm sure the folks in Willard are still proud and excited ,and I'm happy for him, although I'm not really much of a football fan.

Good luck Charlie and Lenette !!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I've Got Mail ! From Covered in Wrappers and Night Owl

Running to first, I am so far out of the base line I should be called out by even the least experienced umpire! Read on to see why.

I am just so far behind on everything right now I really don't where to start, so I'll just start!.

I received two packages in the mail this week. One from everybody's friend, Night Owl.

He sent this great mixture of Tribe cards with a litle bit of everything. New, old, retro, rookies.

I really like the Cy Young (lower right) and the Asdrubal Cabrera is my first National Chicle Tribe card.

Next are these 1991 Score Rising Stars. I only had one from that set, Beau Allred, so these are all new additions to my collection!

He also sent this pair of 2010 Bowman, Bo Greenwell cards. Bo, the son of former Red Sox star Mike Greenwell, was drafted #6 in 2007 by Cleveland.

One more card in the package gets a well deserved place in one of binders also.

2002 SPx Winning Materials Thome/Sabathia dual jersey. Even though they have both left the wigwam !

Thanks for the great cards!

Oh, by the way, as I was loading the photos, I realized I hadn't posted the last cards Night Owl sent me. Sorry, I told you I was a little screwed up right now. Between graduation, vacation, getting the garden out and my neice's wedding I'm stretched a little thin right now.

This package started out with some very nice shiny, chrome Topps.

Next, a little Heritage action with Choooooooo and a Brantley rookie card.

Night Owl also knows of my childhood affection for "The Mick" . How much more would he have done had he not stepped on that sprinkler.

Just for good measure, he threw in a couple oldies but goodies, too.
Wilkens and Veryzer take me back to the good old days. We still lost, but it seemed like more fun.

Ok. I think I'm caught up with you now, Night Owl. Thank you very much for everything!!
Now we'll move on to the other package I received last week.

This came from Marie ( Covered in Wrappers ) over at A Cardboard Problem.

Wow ! 50 card packs of 2010 Topps! Well she sent the wrappers.I wish I could find some place close where I could get these.

Does anyone know how many different players are depicted on these wrappers?
I'd like to have one of each. Were they available in series 1 as well ?
I also like the regular hobby wrappers as I can't get them either.

She also gave me a good start on series 2 Tribe cards.

Plus some 2010 Bowman, including a pair of Mastersons. One of them the gold version.

Oh, by the way, as I was loading the photos, I realized I hadn't posted the last cards Covered in Wrappers sent me. Sorry, I told you I was a little screwed up right now. Between graduation, vacation, getting the garden out and my neice's wedding I'm stretched a little thin right now.
( Yeah, I'm really behind !! )

More wrappers ! I guess if she's covered in them, she needs to get a rid of a few.

Once again, I can really use the hobby versions. I get most of the regular ones from the chain stores and such but high end and hobby packs are hard to come by out here in the "sticks" !

More additions for the wrapper binders.I keep saying I'll do more posts on the wrapper collection (and I will someday!!)

Marie's last package had a big stack of Tribe cards! The highlight are shown below. I'll let the photos do the talking as these have long been placed in my binders.

Some very nice copper 206's.

Nice mixture here, with the refractor.

Now, I should be caught up with the cards I've received.
Marie, Thank you very much for the great cards and wrappers!!
I working on a package for you with that guy you collect. What's his name again? lol.

If I have have missed anyone else I'm very sorry. I hope to get back to my old routines now and get caught up on a lot of things!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pronk says : Stephen who?


June 13th, 2010

Approximately Noon

My two sons and I approached downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

Peering out of the train car windows, we could
see an eerie mid day fog that hung over the tops of the tall buildings.

In the distance the light towers of Progressive field were barely visible.

But, by game time things were clearing up !

Although Strasburg got the best of most of the Tribe hitters...

the fireworks started in the second inning.

On a 1-0 pitch , Strasburg tried to sneak
a 100 mph fastball passed Hafner.

Pronk said "no way" as he parked it over the right field wall!

Travis walked the next two at bats against him.

We did did make him (Strasburg) work a little.

95 pitches in 5.1 innings
52 strikes and 43 balls - not a good ratio

Ultimately, 5 walks sent him to the showers.

However, the bullpen couldn't contain the Nationals.

After a valiant attempt in the 9th inning, we lost 9-4.

It was an exciting day though!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rookie vs. Rookie

The Tribe is HOT right now !!

but can this guy.....

beat this guy ?!

In an hour or so, our two sons and I will be on our way to Cleveland to see how this battle turns out.