Monday, March 30, 2009


I got home a little late tonight but no one was home anyway. My wife had taken our oldest son to a local community college, where he's taking some classes, so I had the house to myself. The first thing I do is turn on the MLB channel. There doing a special about the Indians but its supposed to be a spring training game against the Padres. The game was blacked out !! So I turn to Sports Time Ohio and there it is.Pavano's pitching and we're down 2-0. But wait, Pronk comes to the plate ! The poem " Casey at the Bat " comes to mind. Hafner is hitting like .225 but I think to myself, he's gotta' be due. Sure enough, a 400' blast to center puts the Tribe on the board ! Well, they go on to win 5-2, and Pavano looked pretty good.He settled down and retired about 10 in a row. Cabrera also hit his first HR of the spring. During the game I'm looking at the entertainment center and I realize BASEBALL SEASON HAS FINALLY STARTED ! My wife has this plaque she puts out every spring and tht's how I know !

This is when she gives in and relinquishes the TV to me! She really is a very wonderful and understanding woman.In a couple months we will have been married 29 years and still have not had a fight ! People don't believe us when we tell them we don't fight or argue about anything, but we don't. We both have learned to bend and we both give and take a little. And now, back to Baseball Tonight !

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cleveland Baseball History , Part V

I was up early today so I decided to add another episode to my Cleveland Baseball History.


1884 was a unique time in baseball history as, for the one and only year, there were three major leagues.
The National League
Providence Grays
Boston Beaneaters
Buffalo Bisons
New York Gothams
Chicago White Stockings
Philadelphia Quakers
Cleveland Blues
Detroit Wolverines
The American Association
New York Metropolitans
Columbus Buckeyes
Louisville Eclipse
St. Louis Browns
Cincinnati Reds
Baltimore Orioles
Philadelphia Athletics
Toledo Blue Stockings
Brooklyn Grays
Pittsburgh Allegheny's
Indianapolis Hoosiers
Washington Statesmen
Union Association
St. Louis Maroons
Milwaukee Brewers
Cincinnati Outlaw Reds
Boston Reds
Washington Nationals
Philadelphia Keystones
St Paul Apostles
Altoona Mountain Citys
Kansas City Cowboys
Wilmington Quicksteps

The teams are listed in their final standings for 1884.

The formation of the Union Association came about late in 1883 with Henry Lucas as the brain trust. Lucas, an ambitious 26 year old who stemmed from a wealthy St.Louis lawyer and banker, didn't like the reserve clause and decided to start a new league of his own ! If only it was that easy. Since I'm concentrating on Cleveland here, I don't want to delve too deeply into this comical season but some of you may want to research it on your own. Basically, Lucas was behind the St.Louis Maroons team. With his scheduling and other activities, they ended up running away with a 94-19 record. All of the Union Association problems spilled over to the other leagues and it just wasn't a pretty season.One more quick sidebar to that year, a little known fact, Jackie Robinson was not the first to break the color barrier in baseball (no it wasn't Jefferson Jacks either !). The Toledo Blue Stockings, of the American Association, brought in Moses Walker in 1884 who became the first Afro-American major league player.Obviously that did not set well back then.Cap Anson led a group of star players who planned a boycott if professional baseball wasn't kept all-white.The leagues, in 1885, entered into a secret,unwritten pact to bar Afro-Americans from then on.

Meanwhile, Cleveland finished with a 35-77 record for next-to-last place barely beating out the Detroit Wolverines at 28-84.Even Jim McCormick had a losing season at 19-22. Jack Glasscock,their normal shortstop, actually pitched 5 innings over 2 games ! 1-K , 2 -BB and a 5.40 ERA. The worst part happened in 1885 when the National League admitted Henry Lucas and his St.Louis Maroons in to replace the Cleveland team !! However, the Maroons finished in last place in 1885. Cleveland would not show up again until 1887 in the American Association.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I know when Upper Deck came out with 2008 Documentary there was a lot of controversy. Most people didn't like the idea of another 5000 card set,cards with player photos but no names and just the thought of the chase was too much for some people to handle.Myself,being a team collector, I actually like the idea of a card for every game. I just wish Cleveland would have had a better year !!

I've got some Yankee Stadium Legacy cards and some A-Rod Road to 500 cards I would like to trade for Cleveland Indian Upper Deck Documentary cards.If you don't have Indian Documentary cards I will also consider any Cleveland Indian cards. See my want list on this page.I also have some extra Documentary cards to trade.

The following is my trade list:

A-Rod Road to 500

#7, 8, 22 and 88

Yankee Stadium Legacy

#70, 1528, 1576, 2127, 2152, 2227, 2252, 2334, 2340, 2528, 2869, 2996, 3086, 3111, 3133, 3134, 3158, 4498, 5021, 5332, 5354, 5899 and 6262



Game 27

Blue Jays

Games 88 and 110


Games 70,80,111


Game 28


Games 88, 110


Games 90, 91


Games 23, 24, 109


Games 86, 87, 110


Games 87, 88, 110


Games 27, 98 gold


Game 111


Game 86


Games 88, 110


Games 88, 110, ALDS 4


Game 10

Red Sox

Games 60, 111, ALCS 4


Game 110


Game 23


Games 25, 110


Game 97 gold

If you are collecting the whole set, the numbers are:

80, 705, 733, 743, 744, 758, 777, 797, 1550, 1830, 2130, 2460, 2626, 2636, 2637, 2647, 2648, 2658, 2668, 2678, 2688, 2751, 2867, 2878, 3225, 3278, 3281, 3284, 3298, 3301, 3340, 3343, 3346, 3349, 3352, 3355, 4913, 4924


I guess it doesn't count as riding if you're the driver !!

Friday, March 27, 2009


A package was waiting for me tonight !

This a group of 2009 Topps Heritage Indians I found on ebay.

Cabrera and Choo don't look too happy about the photo shoot !

Where as Garko is all smiles !

DeRosa , the new Triber , and Sizemore look pretty happy ,too.

Even Wedge has a very rare smile !!
Does anyone have any other Indians cards I don't have from this set yet?
Let me know if you do and want to trade !

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I happened to pick up a pack of 2008 SP Authentic tonight. The pack contained #40 Carlos Lee, #54 Vernon Wells, #80 Rick Ankiel and this:

Now what more appropriate player than David Wright could be pictured on a card with a pink bat and wrist band ! Being a Tribe fan I really don't him that well, but everything I've heard has been good. He seems to be the Grady Sizemore of the Mets. Both young, wholesome players who play the game hard and very well ! This card really jumped out at me as we lost my
Mother-in-law to breast cancer several years ago. Lucy, if you need it ,it's yours !!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cleveland Baseball History , Part IV

I hadn't forgotten about this project ! I've just had a lot of things going on lately. Recapping, in 1883 there were two Major Leagues. The National League and American Association. Cleveland was still known as the Blues and was part of the National League.
Interleague exhibition games were now allowed but they couldn't decide what rules to use as there were some differences between the two leagues.Among them,in the National League , a pop-up in foul territory had to be caught on the fly to be considered an out and the umpires could call for a new ball whenever they felt it was necessary ( usually not too often ! ). The American Association however, retained the one -bounce is an out rule, on foul balls and new baseballs could only be brought in at the beginning of a new inning.
The season began on May 1st and the Prvidence Grays started out with 6 straight wins until Cleveland defeated them on May 10th.The Blues and the Grays battled for league supremacy through mid August with Cleveland in the lead at 45-27 but then each dropped two games in a row which allowed the Boston Beaneaters and the Chicago White Stockings to get back into the race.Ultimately, Boston won with a 63-35 record while Cleveland finished 4th at 55-42. Broke our hearts again !
Cleveland's Jim McCormick once again turned in decent stats with a 28-12 record with 36 complete games. He also led the league with a 1.84 ERA.Their team batting average however, .246 , tied for 13th out of all 16 teams in both leagues combined. There was a tie for 15th place also at .240. Cleveland's .567 winning percentage would have also finished 4th in the American Association which was won by the Philadelphia Athletics at 66-32. Philadelphia, statistically, would have been no match for Boston, however, if there had been a world series. But who knows when you get that far !
In 1884 a third league appears ! 34 total teams.

What's Wrong With This Picture ?

Do you see the misprint here ?

I was working on a 2009 Indians checklist this morning and noticed a very big change in the Major League baseball alignment.Now I'm the first to admit that sometimes I'm not as observant as I should be and sometimes fail to read the fine print. But I really missed this one !

Cleveland , Toronto and Boston have been moved to the National League !!

I'm sure someone younger and sharper than I have already reported this, but it's news to me .

As shown in the first photo, the back side of the card still has them
" erroneously " listed in the American League !!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Grand CardsTarget Topps Retro Box Break

A week or so ago, Dan over at Grand Cards
did a group box break of three 2009 Topps Target Retro blasters.
This was my share :
Eric Wedge, the Tribe's fearless leader.
I'm not totally sold on him and some of his playmaking decisions but
I would like to know how they got him to smile for this picture !!

Next, a pair of Ryan Garkos.
If he can combine his 21 HR's in 2007 and his 90 RBI in 2008 , he could have a heck of a year.

David Dellucci
He was good for some timely pinch hits in the past, but he's going to have to do more to stick around much longer.

Cliff Lee
Two base cards, Cy Young Award and ERA League Leader with 2.54.
If he can do a repeat performance and Carmona can have a comeback year.

And not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4 but FIVE Grady Sizemore Toppstowns including one gold.
I thought Dan was going to have a heart attack opening these up.
He threatened to burn the next one !
Thank you very much for all the effort ! It was a lot of fun.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Last night when I got home there were a couple bubble mailers waiting and one very large box !

This Thome came from a fellow Tribe collector Harold at BLUE GRASS SMOKE SIGNALS

Not only did he send the Thome , he sent the whole set !!

I had been wanting this for long time. One of Thome's 2 first year cards.

Thank you very much , I'll be searching your want list for a thank you package !

Along with the Burlington set he also include this Steve Olin card. I also have a separate collection for him. A very promising career ended way too early.

The next few cards were some Ebay purchases.

2001 Feer Premium Star Ruby

1997 Eddie Murray Pacific Gold Crown Die-Cut

1997 Joe Carter Finest Embossed Masters

I really like the 3-dimensional embossed cards

1999 Roger Clemens Pacific Crown Royale Pivotal Players.

This is for sample collection.

and for my Pinnacle Inside collection :

1998 Mike Piazza Behind the Numbers

Last, but certainly not least, was a huge box of cards from David at Indians Cards and then some

This was part of his post Christmas clean-out -the-office -or-else ! giveaway.
My boys have been pretty good so this will be dropped off by the Easter Bunny !!

Thank you very much David , if you've been good maybe the Easter Bunny will leave you something too !


I'll be back later with a couple trade posts !

Saturday, March 14, 2009


My wife brought this home Thursday night. I really don't think it's was supposed to be out on the shelf yet as no other store of any kind has this issue ! The Target in Sandusky still has the March issue and it says "Display until March 16th". We're looking for at least two more copies. Why ? Well, since you asked .....

I really don't like to brag about good things that happen to us. It just isn't very becoming , but all parents have an exception to that rule when it concerns their children. It's just an unwritten known fact !
I know this is not a major , earth shattering news report , but our youngest son is an aspiring sports writer and this is his first published magazine article. It's from the card trading site .

Andy is currently a junior at Bowling Green State University here in Ohio and is the sports editor of the college paper " The BG News ". He is majoring in journalism.