Sunday, July 14, 2013

Miggy and Pokey Growing Up

Sometimes I get so hung up on trying to find every Indian card, I don't take time out to smell the
roses  cardboard.

This evening I was searching for some cards to fill a few trades and came upon a box of odd, but interesting material, I had been saving for some time.

Hence, the title, and these two cards

2001 Royal Rookies Miguel Cabrera.
Signed at 17 for $1.9 M.
Card says he has great eye, compact swing and power plus.
Yeah, pretty much !
1996 Classic Five Sport Calvin Reese.
First round draft choice.
Rated best defensive SS and best infield arm
by Baseball America.
Considered Cincinnati's top prospect.
right again !
And here's another guy with a reasonably bright future.
1987 ProCards
He was 4 years old when I graduated from HS.
Well, how about a real Cracker Jack card ?
This is a normal sized card.
I assume  it was a stadium give-a-way.
Evan the Oil companies got involved.
1984 Cramer Sports Promotions
.305 ave. in 4 minor league seasons.
Courtesy of Pacific Trading Cards
Now I need a little help.
I acquired these two stickers but know absolutely nothing about them.
They both measure about 1 5/8 x 2 1/8.
Has anyone ever seen any like this before?
Do you know where they came from?



  1. Always funny seeing Cabrera when he was that young.

    Regarding the DiMaggios, I did a quick Google image search. It looks like the first one is from something called "Little Simon Sticker Book" ( and the other is from a 1990 HOF Sticker Book ( I found an image of the book here: That looks it would be fun to put together!

  2. It's strange to see so young people on baseball cards. But that was fun that they scouted him right!