Sunday, July 21, 2013

Night Owl, NE Red Sox, Lost Collector - Before They Become LTPP


Lost Trade Package Posts

I still have 5 of those to do.

So I'm trying to keep up with current ones so I don't get way behind again.

Unless you are the sender or the receiver of the package, most of the time, trade posts are boring. But I feel it's something that should be done, as a courtesy to the sender. That way, you know the cards you sent got to the recipient, that they like them and other bloggers, especially newer ones, can see how the system works.

Sometimes, it seems that trades is all I post about. When I first started this blog, I was very good at posting trades as I received them and it didn't seem so bad. Hopefully I can get back to that system.

So now I'll get off my soap box and get back to this boring trade post!

Of course, it's not boring to me !

First is a quick trade with Metallattorney from Red Sox Fan in Nebraska

With the blue border and the colors of the uniform,
 this is a really sharp card!
Plus I got rid of a pesky (not Johnny) Red Sox card.
Win, win for both of us !
Thanks for the trade !
Next up is everyone's favorite nocturnal fine feathered friend,
Night Owl and I, as is with many bloggers, don't often request cards from each other. We know what each other is interested in and randomly send out care packages.
2010 Topps curled up chromies.
He, very understandably, has no use for this product.
I don't think there is any  way to flatten out these cards.
I will hang on to this Santana refractor rookie card though.
There was also this Ginter back Choo mini.
But the best part was these.
Maybe Greg was blinded by all the chrome
when he stuck these ' 75 Topps in my package.
But there's even more!
1975 Topps minis !
I have 8 minis now.
I still need four cads to complete my team set.
Steve Arlin
Gaylord Perry
Frank Robinson
Team Card
Most are readily available on ebay at reasonable prices.
But I would love make trades for them !
There was also some newer Tribe cards in the package.
 Gold Chris Perez
Holographic Santana Chasing History.
Thanks for the great cards!
And last but not least,
I haven't had any dealings with The Lost Collector for quite awhile but I just received a PWE from him. With PWE's you just never know what might be inside, but it had been so long, I wasn't expecting a lot.
1990 Topps Big Candy Maldonado.
(which I actually needed in my collection!)
a terrific 1997 Pacific Collection Omar Vizquel.
This is from the "Liga Americana" insert set.
Another, very sharp card, which I also needed.
But, were not done yet.
1977 Topps team card !
Another hit for my collection !
For being "The Lost Collector"
you sure found what I needed !
Thanks all of you for the great cards!
Best of all, while I was writing this post,
The Tribe whipped the Twins 7-1 !
Go Tribe !


  1. Trade posts forever!

    You got that package up there quick!

    1. I said I was going to try to keep up !

      Then maybe I can come up with some more interesting posts.

  2. Replies
    1. Jeremy! You are still around ! I was just thinking about you a couple weeks ago.

      That's an old sticker. Someone is trying to sell one on ebay.

  3. Yep, I'm still around, just not blogging that much anymore. That sticker would look good with all of your other Indians memorabilia.