Monday, September 30, 2013

I Love Cooperstown !!

Not just the city.

Not just the HOF.

But Panini Cooperstown card sets as well.

I love baseball history so the Cooperstown sets fit really well into my collecting habits.

This year I have purchased 7 packs and still have 0 duplicates !

Here's a sample of what I have so far.

# 1 base card
I really liked last year's base design better.
I have the following:
#27 Red Crystal Shard 097/399.
#52 Matrix  177/325
#12 Museum Pieces
#18 Historic Tickets
#15 Lumberjacks
Wood veneer card.
Colgan's Chips
Stars of the Diamond
Unnumbered 1909-11 retro set.
I have the following :
( I seem to have misplaced one more !! )
# 19 HOF Induction.
I have the following :
If you have any I haven't listed and want to trade,
LMK ! I'd love to have more of these !
Thanks for reading !

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gorgeous Reds, Even Without Logos

I know a good number of collectors really don't care for the unlicensed cards with no logos or team names. They are a little boring sometimes, but if the photos are done right, they can look pretty good.

I know it doesn't say "Indians" , but I still like this card.
Gomes has quickly stepped up to becoming our starting catcher.

And I'm no Detroit fan but this is a nice card.
However, I will admit that Ichiro
 looks a bit naked on this one.
From the front view, a plain gray uniform is rather drab.
But, what I really wanted to show today, came from this pack.
If you want to be an Evil Pack Searcher, you can see the card number of the bottom Red Pulsar through the back of the wrapper. You would have to have a checklist to know who it was, but at least you won't be bending any cards. You may still get some dirty looks from any one else in the card aisle though !
I really like these.
As always, they look even better in person.
This is a good shot for an unlicensed card.
Really need a logo on the cap here,
but I'll take it !
I have since bought another pack and also have the following Red Pulsars :
R/C  Leury Garcia -Texas
Edwin Encarnacion - Toronto
Tony Rizzo - Chicago.
All but one will be available if anyone is interested.
Ryan will probably be going into my Sample Collection.
I also have a stack of base cards.
Of course, I'm looking for any Cleveland cards !
Thanks for reading !!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Card Collecting : Fact or Fantasy ! Jim Thome Rainbow

Today's topic is : collecting rainbows.

First let's define rainbow, as it pertains to card collecting, not what Dorothy sings about, along the Yellow Brick Road !

As we all know, the card manufacturing gods have created at least a bazillion parallels the last couple of years. Cards that all look alike, but with a wide variety of colored borders, a rainbow if you will.

So collecting a "rainbow" of your favorite player is a new segment of card collecting.

Fact or Fiction ! ?
How many said fact ?
Understandable, but you need to go back to
 Basic Card Collecting 101.
Let Jim Thome explain it to you.
Back in the year 2000, when Pacific was still producing baseball cards,
 there were  a lot of really cool inserts and parallels.

Take a look !

2000 Pacific Crown Royale
Base card.
Premiere date.
Red parallel.
Now I need a little help.
There is also a silver foil parallel, known as " Limited Series",
and a Platinum Blue version.
I need both of these if anyone can help.
Also in 2000 there was Pacific Prism.
Here's the base card.
A rainbow in itself !
This is a base card, embossed by Pacific, at the
2000 Chicago Sportsfest Show.
Holographic Mirror
Tinsel Silver
Drops Silver
Rapture Silver
Rapture Gold
Now the bad news.
This is a list of the rest of the parallels to this set
 that I still need !!
Holographic Blue
Holographic Gold
Holographic Purple
Pebbly Dots
Premiere Date
Sheen Silver
Slider Silver
Texture Silver
Woodgrain Silver
And you thought Topps was crazy !!
Plus, I need most of these parallels
 for all the other Indians in the set !
Roberto Alomar
Bartolo Colon
David Justice
Manny Ramirez
Richie Sexon
Omar Vizquel
Lord, give me strength !!

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Finest Indians, Thanks to Community

Gum that is !

Jon, Over at Community Gum recently had a 4 box break consisting of 1996 Finest Series 1 and 2,
1996 Fleer and 2004 Topps Clubhouse Collection.

I'm not sure how the '04 box got mixed in with the '90's stuff but it worked out OK !

Any Indian fan knows, in recent history, the mid 1990's was the time for the Tribe. And the card companies knew it too !

These are the team breaks I like to get involved in.

Here are the highlights of my share.


Hershiser, Mesa, McDowell,
Murray, Thome and Martinez.
Manny, Franco,
Belle, Lofton and Baerga.
Plus a few dupes.
A couple nice inserts.
Couple Post-Season Glory inserts.
Pitching and Power !
Base card on left :
"All new, textured Legend matte finish
"Tiffany Collection parallel set :
one card per pack"
Why do you suppose they used gold foil on base
and silver on tiffany parallel?
Seems like it should have been the other way around.
My random team was the Brewers.
All for trade if anyone is interested !
I got two uncommon silvers.
Both Brewers.
Both Greg Vaughn !
More trade bait !
More trade bait, Tiffany style.
And now, the one good reason to end up with the Brewers.
Alas, even this is trade bait.
I don't think there are any Indians in '04 Clubhouse.
 (except in Heritage).
What do you have to offer !??