Sunday, July 28, 2013

Oh No ! P-Town Tom and Brad

More current trades keep coming in and packages keep going out!

Ah, the life of a baseball card blogger. ( or maybe lack of ! )

Ryan, over at  Oh No, Another Orioles Blog, and I made a small but quick PWE trade.

He had some new Bowman Indians I needed. So I sent him a package about the same time he sent me one. The only problem was.... I didn't know he had moved !  He said he didn't think he would have any trouble getting cards, so Ryan, if you haven't yet, I hope you do soon or I will send some replacements.

Actually, the Gold Santana was the key to the trade.
The Cabrera and Topps Kipnis came along for the ride.
I love Kipnis.
I hope he will be one of the very few who spend a career with one team.
I'm almost ready to start a separate binder for him.
Thanks, Ryan
For the great cards!
Ryan is also running a 2013 Topps Minis break and has a link to
an A&G break. You can get a discount for joining both !
check it out !
Now it just so happens,that P-Town Tom over at Wait 'till Next Year , also had some Bowman for trade. So naturally we struck a deal also !
More Gold !!
Cabrera, Swisher  and Reynolds
All in golden glory !
       But there's more !
Danny Salazar  Chrome prospect
Bauer and Bourn base cards.
And more....
I got Iced !!
Dorssys Paulino
A top prospect for the future.
And just for good measure,
A few seasoned veterans
from 2001 Topps Archives.
Thanks Tom, for the great cards !
The following cards came from Brad over at, where else ?,  Brad's Blog !
Actually I requested a dual Bagwell/Biggio bat card that Brad offered for trade.
I wanted it for my son who collects Bags.
Brad also included some extra Astros for Josh and a few Indians for me !
More Bowman !
Shiny chrome.
Howard and Cabrera....nice !
More Cabrera.
Not sure if he is long for Cleveland or not,
lots of local trade talks.
Francona thinks Chisenhall's  bat is still going to really come alive
 so he may safe for a while
Now Topps Chrome !
More Cabrera, really like that shot.
And Kipnis, my favorite.
Hopefully they will sign him long term.
Oldies but goodies !
These were pretty high tech cards at the time.
More Bowman !
Nice Santana!
Nice Lindor !
The main reason Cabrera may be traded.
And...wait.. didn't we already see Howard ?
Let me go back and check...
let's see, Upper Deck, Topps Chrome,
Topps, Bowman Chrome.
Yep, two Dillon Howards!
No problem, I can always use dupes !
I like these cards too.
They bring back the good old days!
Thanks for the great cards Brad, oh, and here's the card
I'm sending you for the Bagwell !
Now the embarrassing part.
My desk got petty cluttered for a while.
Some things got mixed up and lost.
( no Brad, not your card! )
I lost a note.
 I think one of these guys sent some wrappers...
but I'm not sure who !
Thanks !!
These are nice.
Especially the Hobby Version Archives.
I had the 7-card retail pack.
Now I have the 8-card Hobby version !
And these, I have not found anywhere yet.
Thanks Guys,
for everything !!

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  1. Hey, I can't find your email at the moment, but I never received that Burrell card, was wondering if it was sent or lost somewhere? Thanks,