Monday, July 15, 2013

Poppin' Up Jimmy Piersall

I try to read as many posts from as many bloggers as I can.

I probably don't comment as much as I could, or should, but I am trying to improve on that.

Obviously catchy titles catch your attention.

Now what could catch my attention better than
  " Trading Thursdays - Cleveland Indians Edition ".

That's the title Bert, from Swing and a Pop-Up  had posted.

I jumped right on that, and one item in particular caught my eye right away.

I emailed an offer, which was accepted, and was informed that I would also be receiving some extra cards from my favorite teams or players. Cool ! Who am I to turn down more Tribe cards.

When the package arrived, it was just stuffed full !

Here are some of the extras.

1989 Topps Big for my Jim Abbott binder.
The huge stack of cards ranged from a 1980 Eric Wilkins to a 2013 Michael Brantley.
A very nice Eddie Murray for my Masterpiece Collection.
I realize these don't have the allure and charisma they once had but I still enjoy them.
Some of the designs do make very good looking cards.
I'm not sure if Bert knew what this was or not,
but I definitely needed it in my Thome collection.
From the front it looks like a plain Jane,
 2002 Fleer base card.
But, flip it over....
......and you'll see it's an elusive Gold Back version.
The card #, stats and "Did You Know" notations are all in gold foil.
This was part of the original deal.
1990 Topps Coin Tom Candiotti.
These were an interesting concept at the time,
but never really caught on with collectors.
Getting back to what caught my eye....
1962 Salada- Junket coin.
This is actually #88a, 88b depicts Piersall as a Senator.
Another blogger sent me a Bubba Phillips once, so I now have two of these.
Thanks Bert, for the great cards and collectibles !


  1. I don't comment as often as I should either. And no, I had no idea about the Thome, but I would have sent it to you anyways.

    1. Thanks! The gold backs aren't really worth anything to speak of, it's just that a lot of collectors don't seem to know about them.

  2. The item that caught my attention for this post was that AWESOME 1989 Topps Big Jim Abbott card. I know a lot of collectors have the awkward size, but that design paired with Abbott's red, white, and blue is just awesome.

    1. Whenever I see packs of Big in quarter bins at shows I pick some up. There is about 500 Abbott cards out there, I now have 138 !