Sunday, June 22, 2014

Team Logos, Before Wahoo Disappears !

It looks like Chief Wahoo's  long time reign as the symbol of the Cleveland Indians is going to come to an end. I have mixed emotions about it, but I am not of American Indian descent, and may feel differently if I was.It would be nice if they could modify the image somehow to make it acceptable to both sides.

Logo cards have long been part of our cardboard baseball team collections and here are few of mine.

These are Fleer cloth stickers from from 1968-72

These are die-cut so the center section
 with team and logo can be peeled off.

The top and left stickers are from 1984.
The one on the right has part of a 
puzzle picture in the back, year unknown.
Possibly 1982.

Lower left sticker is on the back
 of 1980 Fleer Famous Feats card.

The other two, again are die-cut and come from 1984

These are from 1982 and also
 have puzzle pieces on the back

No year on these either.
Bottom sticker cards come with
 various team combinations.

I do know these are from 1991 !

Bright blue logos from 1989.

The mini logo year is unknown.
The other three are from 1991.

Some of the newer logo cards.

On the right from 1999 is 
Upper Deck Victory
2001 Topps  on the left.

Finally, one I know very little about.
It has a Genuine MLB Merchandise logo.
Produced by U-Seal-It,
Gardena ,Ca.

That's pretty much it for my Tribe logo collection. If you have any you don't see here, you know I'm always up for a trade. If you have any further info on any of these, it is greatly appreciated !!

Thanks for reading !!