Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tribe Cards on the Internet for Less than $15 !

Ebay and other sports card dealers on the internet have definitely lowered card values and hurt local card shops over the years. There will always be changes, as technology advances, with no sign of slowing down.

Is that a good thing or bad ?  Well, it all depends on which side of the technology you are on.

If you were a blacksmith in the 1890's, you were on the verge of losing your job to automobiles and mechanized farm equipment. If you were a file clerk or key punch operator in the 1960's, you would lose your job to a computer. If you were a photo processor in the early 1980's, you would lose your job to digital cameras. The list goes on and on and will continue until who knows when. Just like the song by Zager and EvansIn the Year 2525

You have to adapt. You have to be able to see which way your industry and customers are moving and try to keep one step ahead. 

Card shop owners can move their inventories online, but the prices aren't likely to come back to what they were in the 1980's and 90's. Oh, there will always be some cards that command higher prices, but buyers have so many options now and it's so easy to search so many different venues for the lowest price.

My two sons and I never had access to a local card shop. The closest thing we experienced was the card shows at the local shopping malls. Which, of course, are on the verge of becoming extinct also. There are a few that still seem to thrive, but not in our area. There are some flea markets around also. That is another option.

Life is just moving too fast and everyone wants everything to be too easy !

Ok, off my soap box and back on to my comfy swivel chair. Back to the computer, to show you the Indian cards I purchased online, so you wouldn't have to drive clear to Ohio to see them ! ( not that you would anyway !)    

Saturday, March 29, 2014

2014 Topps Heritage, Tribe Style, Thanks to the Daily Dimwit

Thanks mostly to Sam, at the Daily Dimwit, I have a nearly complete 2014 Heritage, Indian team set.

 These are the ones Sam sent.
Jason Kipnis and Carlos Santana
are short prints.

David Murphy came from Red Sox Fan in Nebraska.

I pulled Chisenhall.

Still need the : 
Target Reds
 Walmart Blues
Short Prints

Seems like it never ends !!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Tribe Cards From Red Sox Fan in Nebraska

I recently received a nice stack of Indian cards from Metallattorney, over at Red Sox Fan in Nebraska .

Here are a few of them :

2014 Heritage
Ubaldo apparently didn't want to win the
 World Series this year.

The other three guys will  hopefully be around
 to join in the celebration in October !

I'm not really impressed by this set, 
I think it's the yellow background.

But I do want all the Tribe cards !

Especially the state and zip code parallels.
And the two short print Charboneau auto's.

I love to see the colored border parallels too !
It's a long process to get all of these.

The Panini Golden Age cards, I do like.
Especially the image of Lopez flipping the mask and getting ready to make a play.

Thank you very much Metallattorney,
for the great Tribe cards !

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Wizard of Oz Netted me Tribe Cards !

No, this has nothing to do with Ozzie Smith.

My wife loves the movie "The Wizard of Oz".

Cliff, over at the Phillies/Astros blog known as Capewood's Collections, is also a Facebook friend of mine.

He showed a Wizard of Oz  playbill, from a theater he went to, so I asked if he could get me an extra one for my wife. He was more than happy to send one and also included a stack of Indian cards !

Here are a few of my favorites :

This card is strange in so many ways.

First, the look on his face.
Playing "air guitar" on his kayak paddle.
I assume the black around his face and chin
 is part of his kayak gear.
The whole kayak outfit.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not making fun of the guy.
I'm sure you have to very physically fit, skillful and well trained to be a champion of his caliber.

Maybe if he was pictured with his craft......

All of the above is why I really like this card !

Cliff did include a wide variety of cards,
as you can see.

Here's Carlos Santana doing his
 catching and hitting things.
Next year they will have to add a third base action shot.

Talk about facial expressions !
Giambi is like, "Did I really hit it that far ?"

After all these years, I'm finally starting
 to really look at my cards ! 
I don't think I ever did that enough.

Now here are some serious looks.

Finally, a couple oldies, 1987 Fleer.
If the blue on Carmon Castillo's border
looks darker, it's because it is a glossy version.

And, one more time !!

Thanks Cliff, for the playbill and the great cards !

Monday, March 24, 2014

Would you laminate your 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle ?

 Or even any other card  ?!

It's no secret that I love Good Will stores.
Over the years I have found some very different and interesting baseball items.

This is one of the real oddball pieces !

Obviously, the card caught my eye first, until I realized it wasn't a real baseball card.
Then, seeing the words LAM- IN-ATE, I had to check it out.
All the time I was thinking " Who would want to laminate their baseball cards?"

The instructions make it much more sensible. The card goes into a pocket and the lamination only seals the edges. Now it does make some sense, as you get get your card back out completely unharmed.

There are four kits in the package and I really want to open it to see if there is anything on the back of the generic card, but I just can't do it !

I couldn't find any information on this item anywhere. Don't know when it was made or how much it cost originally. I paid 49 cents.

Anyone ever seen these before ?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Trading Time - Mark's Ephermera and Infield Single Cards

I'll try to get this one right.

I was very politely informed that my last trade post was in error.

Old Foul Cardboard sent some 2014 Topps cards that apparently got lost on my desk. He says the cards I posted were not from him !  I'm working on getting that straightened out.

Meanwhile I'll try this again !

Mark from, Mark's Ephemera,  send a PWE with a couple Fleer cards.

These are from the 1994 Extra Bases set.
The cards measure 2 1/2 x 4 11/16 so they are awkward to store, although, 6 cards fit nicely in the bottom two rows of a standard page. There are 16 Indians in the base set #'s 55-70.
I still need 56,58,59,61,62,64,67, 69 and 70.
(in case you have any odd ones lying around !)

Thanks Mark, for adding these two.

The next PWE is from Jeremy, at Infield Single Cards.

First up, three innocent looking Steve Olin cards.

20 years ago yesterday, Jim and fellow pitcher Tin Crews
 died in a tragic boating accident during spring training.

The 1992 Fleer card I had.

The 1992 Topps Gold I needed !
(I had the Gold Winner's version, but not the base gold)

 I have the 1992 Upper Deck, but wait, as I flip the card
 over, this is a gold hologram  version, 
found only in factory sets !

I'm now down to needing only 18 of 67 Steve Olin cards !

So this PWE is looking pretty good so far.

Next a couple Jim Thome cards.
I do have these two from the beginning of his career.
But it never hurts to have more Thome cards !

Now it gets more interesting !

Four Auto's I did not have !!

2003 Bowman Jeremy Guthrie, on card, Signs of the Future
2010 Panini Joe Gardner Extra Edition 637/819
2010 Bowman Brett Brach
1996 Leaf Wayne Kirby, on card

Technically, the Wayne Kirby is a Dodger card.
But he is in an Indian uniform !

Thanks for the great cards Jeremy !!


Saturday, March 15, 2014

What do Chipp 'n' Dale and Old Foul Cardboard have in common ?

They both sent me  Tribe cards !

irondequoit36 at Old Foul Cardboard 
                           sent a nice assortment :

Kazuhito Tadano  047/200  Press Proof
Bob Lemon SP Legendary cuts
Manny Ramirez Star Rookie Electric Diamond
Fausto Carmona Chrome Heritage
Dennis Eckersley  Ultra
Manny Ramirez 7-11 Ruby Red parallel

Danny Salazar, hopefully our future star
and another Man Ram !
Chris also sent some 2014 Topps, but he photos got  'lost in space' !

Next up :
Chunter from Chipp 'n' Dale

First a Travis Hafner  Fathead
I have a few of these but not this one.
I also have quite a few to trade if anyone is interested.

 Trever just can't quite seem to make the transition.
Hopefully will turn around this year.

I didn't even know Nick was in this set !
I just haven't been with it the last year or so.

At first I thought, a Padres card ?

Then I looked closer.
Still not sure it qualifies as an Indian card.

Some various rainbows.
Always nice to add these !

And then the Metal !

And more Metal.

I always liked Metal Universe,
although I like the earlier years better

 Last but not least, a couple minis !

Thanks much, to both of you guys, for the great cards !!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Song You've Been Waiting For !

Well, beat the drum

and hold the phone

the sun came out today !

We're born again

there's new grass on the field.

A - rounding third and

headin' for home, it's a brown eyed handsome man.

Anyone can understand the way I feel !

Oh, put me in coach,
I'm ready to play, today.

So put me in coach,
I'm ready to play, today.

Look at me, I can be
centerfield !

Well I spent some time with the Mudville nine,
watchin' it from the bench .

You know I took some lumps
 when the Mighty Casey struck out.

So Say Hey Willie,

tell Ty Cobb
and Joe DiMaggio.

Don't say it ain't so,
you know the time is now.

Oh, put me in coach,
I'm ready to play, today.

 Put me in coach,
I'm ready to play, today.

Look at me,
I can be
centerfield !

 Got a beat up glove,

 a homemade bat

and a brand new pair of shoes.

I think it's time to give this game a ride.

So hit the ball

and touch 'em all.
A moment in the sun.

(pop) it's gone
and you can tell that one goodbye !!