Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sandusky Card Show part 2

If you didn't see my last post, you might want to check it out before you go any farther !

I'll wait.

Still waiting.

Still waiting !

Ok, long enough. The rest will just have to catch up later.

As far as the cost for all the odd ball stuff, from your comments I guess I got a bargain !

But first, these are the other "treasures" I came home with.

1989 King -B disc  Orel Hershiser
2009 SPx  Victor Martinez
1980 Kellogg's "Thunder"  Thorton
This is a super nice card with no cracks or crazing !
Another excellent 1981 Kellogg's Mike Hargrove.
1997 Topps 1st Team All-Stars Jim Thome.
I already have this card but I couldn't pass it up !
1961 Bob Allen rookie.
I'm finally starting to realize I should try to fill in some missing pieces of my vintage Indian collection. I have a new checklist in process also.

1978 TCMA Indians  Joe Adcock
1966 Topps Pedro Gonzalez
1986 TCMA All Time Indians  Joe Jackson.
If only he would have hung out with some different players in Chicago.....
Back to modern days with 2011 Black border Carlos Santana.
1995 SP Albert Belle
1997 Metal Universe Jose Mesa.
Not sure why, but I love the Metal U. cards.
2008  A&G Casey Blake.
1969  Topps ERA Leaders
Louie Tiant         1.60
Sam McDowell  1.81
Dave McNally   1.95
Cleveland had four pitchers in the top 22 !
1967 Topps Indians Rookie Stars
Bill Davis
Gus Gill
Well, that was the rest of my loot, 15 cards for about $7.
But then, I walked around the corner table and saw the "Box".
When I read the sign, I looked in the box for about 5 seconds, and knew I was taking it home!
Now I just have to figure out what to do with all of it !
Thanks for reading !!

Monday, October 28, 2013

What Would You Pay For This ??

They have a card show at the Sandusky Mall several times a year.About ten to twelve years ago it was a very good show, but then dealers began to drop off, just like in a lot of other areas. This summer it seemed to be on the upswing again. I don't know if it will make back to the way it was, but at least it's a good sign !

Our youngest son was visiting from Illinois and the show was last week-end. Our two sons, our daughter-in-law, granddaughter and my wife and I decided to check it out. Of course, the women all went shopping while we perused the card tables !

As luck would have it, Friday afternoon  (we went on Saturday night), some young guy came in and dropped  $5000.00 at the show. That's 5K ! He wiped out almost all of the dime/quarter/dollar boxes. Plus took quite a bit of higher end stuff. We did come upon one young dealer I know who wasn't there on Friday. So my youngest son bought his quarter/dollar box !!

I did find another table with some Tribe cards and others with some misc. bits of everything.I picked up one box that had all of this packed into it's cardboard confines.

One stack of 50 1980 Topps Giant Photo football cards.
One stack of about 75 1981 Topps Giant Photo baseball cards.
1983 Football, Hockey, Basketball, and Boxing card price guide.
1983 and 1984 Beckett Baseball card price guides.

Three boxes of unopened packs of 1981 Yankees/Mets Giant Photo cards.
Two boxes of unopened packs of 1981 Red Sox Giant Photo cards.
Each box has 36 packs.

A full box of 12, 1983 Topps Sticker albums.
Along with the advertising poster, leaning against the box top.

A 1982, #1 Baseball Memorabilia and Autograph price guide.
Three 1983? Fleer stamp dispensers.
Stamp rows #4,11 and 15  of 16.
1985 unopened O-Pee-Chee poster pack. 12 Expos and 12 Blue Jays.

And finally,
Two complete sets of 5 1983 Topps Baseball Foldouts.
1982 Topps Sticker album
1986 Topps Sticker album
Three Krause "Baseball Cards" magazines #'s 13,17 and 18.
And last but not least, of all things,
a 1986 Indy 500 Program !

So, what you pay?
Or would you even bother with this stuff !

Next time I'll show you the Tribe cards I found.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Trades From the Family

Family is a good thing.


Oh, sometimes there are some members who present  a problem, like Charles.

But I'm talking about my blogger family. Yeah, that's how I think and feel about all you guys and gals out there. I can almost count the ones I've met in person on one hand, but I feel like I've known many of you forever. You are always there to talk to and I know, sometimes, you are even listening !

This is a group trade post that covers some of the great cards I have received over the last couple of weeks while I was a little under the weather.

This first item is actually a purchase I made, at a Good Will store, in Lake Orion, Michigan.

I couldn't resist this "Little Slugger" bank !
He stands about 8" high.
The small label on the left reads National Potteries Co.
Cleveland , Ohio.
So he's even a local boy !
I do have the plug for the bottom.
I paid $.99 !
These cards came from Mark, over at battlin' bucs.
Mark had picked up some of these 1992 RBI prototypes.
I needed one for my sample collection
 and he kindly sent me this Nolan Ryan.
Topps Ultimate 1954 Series
Red Kress
Dream Team Feller/Boudreau
And this 2002 Topps
Limited Edition Tribe card.
The next batch came from P-Town Tom
First, some badly needed 2013 Hobby Wrappers!
A&G, Cooperstown and Pinnacle.

1990 Sportflics Steve Olin
2013 Cooperstown Lou Boudreau
2more Tribe HOFer's
Nap Lajoie
Tris Speaker
Plus a Golden Steve Olin.
Next up :  Brad, from
First some mini goodness !
Black-border  Bob Feller
A&G back Swisher
From 1994 and the Ted Williams Card Co.
Rocky Colavito !
A little rainbow action.
Dillon Howard purple
Carlos Santana Chrome Refractor
Michael Bourn red border
More base chrome !  Shiny !
Bourn, Kipnis,
Santana and Cabrera.
And a couple X-fractors.
Jason Kipnis
Trevor Bauer
And now it's  BREAK TIME !!
No, no, no....... don't go after coffee.
Box break time !
Chris, over at Nachos Grande, held a multi-box break
that looked pretty interesting so I bought into the Tribe cards.
There were 5 boxes involved.
2002 Fleer Maximum
1993 Upper Deck Series 1
2000 Topps Gold Label
2004 Fleer Tradition
and 2000 Skybox Dominion
An odd but interesting mix.
So, as in most breaks, I also received the cards from a random team.
Oh, the dreaded Randomizer !
This time I got Texas !
Not as bad as usual !
And when does a Tribe fan become ecstatic when he has Texas ??
When this card get pulled !
A freakin' Frank Howard auto !
Frank was on the Senators team that move to Texas in 1972.
And then another hit !
Hank Blalock  game worn jersey card !
Plus the usual Rangers from that era.
Maybe these players shouldn't really be grouped together.
Just the way the cards fell.
This was a very interesting part of the break.
This is a Double-Play insert from Dominion.
Ranger on one side, Indian on the other !
Take that Randomizer !!
But there's more....
I received two of these inserts !
There were 10 cards in this insert set.
Each came in three versions :
Std.  Double Play
Double Play Plus Parallel
Double Play Warp Tek Parallel.
( also called "Time Warp", wrapper says  Warp Tek )
The two I received are different,
 I have the Standard and Plus.
 Warp Tek  came 1/900 packs ! 
OK !
On to the Tribe cards !
Some of my favorite base cards.
I almost forgot !
There was also a box a Zenith packs with 2 8x10's per pack.
 This was the only Zenith Tribe card I got.
and there was a duplicate !
I also got this "Juan Gone" Dufex parallel 8x10. 
Enough for this time !!
My cold drugs are kicking in and it's getting late here  in Ohio !
Thanks for reading !

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

WAIT !!! Don't open this....... oh no !

Now you've done it !

I've been sick for a week with a cold, cough and runny nose.. Now you open my blog up to the whole family here in the blogosphere. I haven't even been playing with or sorting cards that I might be sending out, just to keep the crud contained.

And now you open up my blog.

Well, I'm going back to my little R&R for right now.

When I get to feeling a little better, I'll tell you all about the  Frank Howard auto at the big break!

And the great cards from Brad, and from Battlin' Bucks ! And the Good Will store in Detroit.

But you're going to have to wait !

See !?
The way I feel I can't even get  a picture right !
Hope I get over this soon.
See ya'll later.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Shiny Refractory Trade Bait !!

Ryan, over at  Oh no,Another Orioles Blog  recently held a Topps Chrome, 2 - box break.

I bought the Indians ands Reds and received the Giants and Phillies as random teams.

Here's some of my loot !

Indian base cards :
Trevor Bauer
Asdrubal Cabrera
Carlos Santana
Michael Bourn
Base and Black Refractor
Jason Kipnis
Base and Refractor
That was it for Tribe cards !
Definitely looking for others if you have any to trade.
What do I have to trade ?
I'm glad you asked !
The following are all refractors for trade.
Joey Votto
Hunter Pence
Jonathon Pettibone
Carlos Ruiz
Pablo Sandoval
Shin-Soo Choo
Hunter Pence
Roy Halladay
Yoenis Cespedes
I also have Derek Holland and
Ben Revere in Orange Refractors.
And the following base cards :
4, 10, 18, 31, 41, 48, 60, 61, 63, 78, 81, 83, 87, 90, 103, 123, 124 x2,
 126, 161, 165 x2. 167 x2, 185, 206, 208, 211, 214 and 215
Let me know if you are interested in anything
and we will work out a trade !
Thanks to Ryan for doing the break,
and all of you for reading !