Saturday, July 20, 2013

Trading Purple for Blue as in Shin-Soo Choo

Matt, over at Red Cardboard, had some Tribe cards up for trade.

Everyone knows I'm always looking for Indian cardboard !

When I saw this card, I knew I needed to strike up a deal.
I had an Opening Day Purple Choo ,as a Red. which didn't fit in my collection,
 but this blue one sure does!
I received a nice assortment of Tribe cards.
Here are some of the highlights.
A very nice gold Josh Tomlin.
Some hard to find Heritage Tribers.
More gold !
Carlos Santana and Bob Feller, Chasing History
Finally, a couple of oldies but goodies.
Tomorrow I'm going to come up with
 a want list for for Documentary.
I would like to complete the Indian set.
Thanks for the great trade, Matt.
We are only about 100 miles apart on I-71,
Maybe we can get together with the other bloggers
down the interstate!


  1. Glad to find those Indians a better home, brother! You going to the Vet show next week?

    1. Thanks ! Not too sure about the Vet show. We are expecting our first grandchild any day now. May be in Illinois !