Wednesday, December 24, 2014

No offense or disrespect to anyone, but......


Christmas !!

I know I have " Lost in Space " for quite some time now.

But I have actually been working on getting my collection more organized and creating more accurate want lists. I also owe a lot of packages and will sending out a lot of cards after the first of the year.

By the way, next year may be a memorable one for me. I hope to retire at the end of next year !!

One note to Play at the Plate. The box of cards you sent blew me away and I will get a post on them soon!

For Now,

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Who could not want this !! ??

I'm  pretty sure anyone who is reading this would definitely want it.

I'm a die-hard Indians fan but I still want it.

Even my wife knew I would, she bought it for me !
(Love you dear !)
Today was her day off so she went shopping with her girlfriend.

Both of our sons may want it but they will have to fight over it when I'm gone.

So what would you do with something like this if you didn't want it ?

Well, you could just throw it in the trash.

You could give it to a deserving baseball fan.

Of course, you could sell it.

Or you could let someone sell it for you.

Like Goodwill Industries.

If you know me you should have known where this was headed !

Wrigley Field. 100 year celebration bobble head series.
The price : $1.29.  All original packaging, perfect condition.

" Let's play two ! "


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Night Owl, Nick and Mark H.

Well, the Tribe just finished up the 2014 season with a W and baseball is done for this year.

What's that ? There are more games ?

Oh, yeah, that World Series thing.  I will watch some of it. Probably not all and I don't know who I'm rooting for yet. I'll wait and see what teams make the finals.

Now I can spend a little more time concentrating on this very neglected blog.
I have to get my desk cleaned up so here are the highlights of three packages.

First up is Nick from Dime Boxes.

A mini rookie from Topps 206.

Early Wynn flashback.
Returned to Cleveland for one final year, 1963, and nailed his 300th and final win !

1975 SSPC
Tom Busky, Don Hood and Jack Brohamer.
Although these are not rare, you don't see them too often.
Actually, I had no cards from this set until now !  

I do have the Leon Wagner from this 1965 insert set,
 but the one Nick sent is definitely an upgrade.
The Romano is new to me and I also have Jack Kralick,
but could use an upgrade for him also.
Still need Alvis, Hinton and Colavito.

 More vintage !
Speaking of Max Alvis.
1967 Topps.

And here comes the sparkly rainbow.
2012 Chris Perez
2014 Drew Stubbs

2014 Corey Kluber red.
What a year he had !
269 K's / 51 BB

2013 Golden Chisenhall

Thanks Nick for the great cards !!

Next , package from  Night Owl.

Another come-back kid.
Danny started with the Tribe in 1996-97
and then came back in 2006.
Of course, we missed his prime years !

Bartolo Colon
 What a facial expression !
Maybe that's where his speed and longevity comes from.

 Asdrubal Cabrerra
 I swear he is going to lose his tongue someday

 Omar !!
What a great player and person.
Maybe he will get his ring with Detroit this year.

 Kevin Seitzer
I love these old Stadium Club cards.
Some of my most favorite.

Pat Tabler
A local Ohio boy !
Not exactly local to me, but from Cincinnati.

Night Owl found some sparkly Indians too !
Bauer and Kipnis
I love these blue Opening Day cards too.

Thanks to you too NO !
Some more great Tribe cards for my collection. 

Last, but not least,
from reader  Mark H.

Minor League cards are always fun.
I like to go back through older sets and
see how many players I never heard of before.
Scott Pratt
Chris Reinike
Zach Sorensen 
Played with Tribe and Angels until 2005
1990 Classic Baseball
I have a couple of these board games but never actually played.
Interesting cards though.
Sandy Alomar
Carlos Baerga
Candy Maldonado
(why don't many ball players have nicknames anymore ?)

Oh, more vintage !!

This time 1966 Topps.
Fred Whitfield
Vic Davalillo
Ralph Terry

and then !!!

1955 Bowman

When I was young kid I wanted some of these cards sooo bad !
One of my friends got some from out of town
but the store here in New London didn't carry them.

I now have 7 of 20 Indians from the set.
Anybody have  Bob Feller ??!!

Thanks Mark !
Great Tribe cards !!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Trade "Trade Bait" Post

A while back, Dennis, over at Too Many Verlanders,  sent a huge misc.package. Here's a few interesting ones I would part with if anyone is interested !

Jeter, Jones, Garciaparra, Bonds

Piazza, Belle, Griffey Jr.

Thomas, Pudge, Gywnn


Remember when Ankiel was pitching prospect ? 

Thanks for the great cards Dennis, I'll see what I can find for you !!

Had to check, yep, blog's still here !

This has been a crazy summer. Lot of things going on. Tribe is making their move toward the World Series. My son and his family is moving back home from Illinois. He is taking a sports writer position with the Ashland Times Gazette. Only 30 minutes from here, that's makes Grandma and Grandpa very happy !!

My desk and whole baseball room is in shambles right now, from lack of attention. I need to get on track and get back to work so I have to clear away the trade packages and get other packages sent out.

So from Adam, at My Cardboard Mistress , I present these great Tribe cards.

Bob Feller, from the cards that never were.
One of the few players to spend their entire career with one team.

Bert Blyleven
Who would have guessed that one of his best season performances ever came with the Cleveland Indians !
12 complete games
2.87 era
170 K's

Albert Belle has been getting a little move love the last couple of years.
Maybe people are starting to forget or forgive some of his antics from the mid 90's !

A couple great sliding / diving catches from 2009 Upper Deck.

Cliff Lee
 Emerald Super Rare Star Quest

Jim Thome 
Liqueur fractor

Trevor Bauer
He is finally starting to come around and looking like the pitcher we hoped he would be.

Corey Kluber
What a force he has become !
Although he last two starts were a little shaky. 
Hope he is just tired and not hurt !

Jason Kipnis
One of my favorite players.

Is anyone collecting these chips ?
I definitely want to get all the Indians but I'm also putting together a collection of all the different types.
The number of variations  is mind blowing.

Thanks Adam, for the great cards !

I'll try not to stay away so long !


Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Strangest Pack of Cards Ever ?

So, I guess this doesn't really look so strange, huh ?

Of course, it does say  ' Special Edition ' !
And all the way from Portugal.

Yep, Ana Lu sent me this 1995 Collector's Choice pack that was destined for a Cleveland Indians fan.
Here's what was inside.

Cool huh !?
All Indians !!

Oh, wait.

That's only seven cards.

The wrapper says twelve cards.
And isn't that last one from 1998 ?

How could that be in a 1995 pack ?

You don't think dear, sweet Ana Lu
 would set me up do you ?

But now that I think about it,
the pack did open up pretty easily !

Hey, thanks Ana, for the great cards !
I did need some of the Special Editions !

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Team Logos, Before Wahoo Disappears !

It looks like Chief Wahoo's  long time reign as the symbol of the Cleveland Indians is going to come to an end. I have mixed emotions about it, but I am not of American Indian descent, and may feel differently if I was.It would be nice if they could modify the image somehow to make it acceptable to both sides.

Logo cards have long been part of our cardboard baseball team collections and here are few of mine.

These are Fleer cloth stickers from from 1968-72

These are die-cut so the center section
 with team and logo can be peeled off.

The top and left stickers are from 1984.
The one on the right has part of a 
puzzle picture in the back, year unknown.
Possibly 1982.

Lower left sticker is on the back
 of 1980 Fleer Famous Feats card.

The other two, again are die-cut and come from 1984

These are from 1982 and also
 have puzzle pieces on the back

No year on these either.
Bottom sticker cards come with
 various team combinations.

I do know these are from 1991 !

Bright blue logos from 1989.

The mini logo year is unknown.
The other three are from 1991.

Some of the newer logo cards.

On the right from 1999 is 
Upper Deck Victory
2001 Topps  on the left.

Finally, one I know very little about.
It has a Genuine MLB Merchandise logo.
Produced by U-Seal-It,
Gardena ,Ca.

That's pretty much it for my Tribe logo collection. If you have any you don't see here, you know I'm always up for a trade. If you have any further info on any of these, it is greatly appreciated !!

Thanks for reading !!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Trade time with Arpsmith, Dutch Card Guy, Reader Mark, Night Owl, Angels in Order, Nachos Grande, The Other World, Red Sox In Nebraska

When I started this blog 5 1/2 years ago, I never dreamed it would add so many new friends and Indian baseball cards to my life.  My many thanks to all of you !!

I don't really like to combine trade posts, but I have received so many packages lately that I need to, to get caught up. I have a huge stack of Tribe cards I need to sort and put away so I can update want lists and continue to work on return packages ! All the generous bloggers and readers listed here sent many more cards than pictured. I appreciate every one of them, but just don't have time to post each one. Plus, it may not be very interesting  to anyone but the one who sent the cards !
 So here we go !

Thanks to Adam for these great cards.
I especially like the Fellers, the Nagys 
and the Fun Pack Manny!

I never thought I would run into
 a baseball card collector in the Netherlands !
We have traded several times and he always
finds terrific Indian cards for me !

Thanks Jeroen !

Reader, Mark H.

I once made a random comment on another blog.
A.J. had received some nice vintage cards from Mark,
and I, half jokingly, said " I wonder if he has any Indians !".
The next thing I know I'm receiving an email from Mark !
And he did have some duplicate Indians.

Thanks Mark !
This really helped my 70's collection !

If you are reader or writer of a baseball card blog,
and don't know Night Owl, you can't be living on this planet !
He comes up with some amazing posts, his mind never seems to stop.
I love the blue Choo, the black Laffey and the minis !
Thanks, and keep up the good work !

Tom sent a note on the back of his business card :
"We haven't traded in a while.."
He's right. There are so many blogs out there,
 it's hard for an old man like me to keep track !

Terrific Albert Belle, minis and more Bob Feller !
And a Brantley partial rainbow, 
even if they are different years !
Thanks Tom, great cards !

Trade stacks !
Most of you know how this works.
If not check out his blog !
I pulled the trigger when he put up a Richie Ashburn.
I don't really collect him, but I have a 
Richie Ashburn model baseball glove from my youth,
so I grab one once in a while.

But Chris went a bit farther.

He knows I also collect wrappers.
They are all in albums but I have no want list.
That's a retirement plan !
I am in need of most Hobby Versions and 
high end wrappers and small boxes though. 

If the minis look a little unusual, they are !

An on card auto !
These were produced by a friend of his.
Great Idea !!

Thanks Chris for the cards and wrappers ! 

The Other World

Dan sent a nice assortment of Tribe cards.
I especially like the chrome Kipnis.
He's becoming one of my favorite players.
I wish I could have been around to see Doby play !

Thank you very much Dan !

And last, but not least,

Red Sox Fan in Nebraska 

Brad and I have done several  trades over the past year or so.
He came up with some great inserts, a slightly hard to find mini,
a great Standing "O"  Vizquel and I love the Prizm Bourn !

Thanks Brad !

And thanks everyone for all the trades.

I hope to have more packages going out tomorrow !!