Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lost and Found : Big Tribe card Stash 2x3

And the bad part is, I didn't even know it was lost.

This whole moving from one room to another thing has allowed me to reorganize a few things, sort out a few cards and now locate eight, that's right, eight "lost" trade packages!

I have this small plastic cart on wheels, that has three drawers.
I started putting some trade packages I received in the bottom drawer until I had a chance to post about them.

Well, now I have time, sort of, so I'll get started. See, they weren't really lost, just waiting in the bullpen. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it !

I figured I'd start with the oldest one but one PWE didn't have a legible date so Jeff Wilk from 2x3 Heroes is up first.

I do remember seeing and requesting these two HOF'ers.
The "Mick".
My childhood, baseball hero.
I've always been an Indian fan, but I always wanted to see Mantle hit a HR.
Jackie Robinson
I didn't really know about all the racial problems of the 50's
when I was growing up. Our little town was pretty peaceful.
It is impossible to even try to imagine what it was like back then. 
Next up on the  "Lost Trade Packages"  is Nomo's Sushi Platter
I also have about 16 trade packages to go out,
 but not all at once !

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