Thursday, June 20, 2013

2x3 Heroes Rescues Victor

There's nothing better than an unexpected envelope from a fellow blogger.

It's just like ripping packs, you never know what might be inside.

Now this was a small package, but sometimes bigger is not always better.

Dion came to Cleveland, from the Braves, in the middle of the 1989 season.
He hit .259 for the Braves and .306 for the Tribe
Jumping up to 2012 Topps Archives, we have A Cab.
We really miss him in the line-up right now, hopefully he will be back soon.
Going back in time again to 2003.
Ellis joined the Tribe in 2001, clubbing 23 homers and adding 32 more in 2002.
Ryan Garko spent several steady years in Cleveland.
This black parallel O-Pee-Chee is one I needed.
Straight into the binder you go !
Speaking of parallels, Jeff, from 2x3 Heroes, in a short note
 said he found this in a dime box and had to rescue it.
I'm certainly glad he did.
Another nice addition to my Tribe collection.
Thanks to Jeff for the great cards !

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  1. A nice framed parallel for a dime? I'll buy those every day and find someone who wants it.