Monday, June 24, 2013

If Only I'd Known When I Was Younger.....

I could have had a free cap !

Of course, my Mother probably would have had a problem with me hanging out with all the old farmers and boozers when I was two years old.

I just received this great card from Paul,
at Carl Crawford Cards.

1952 Red Man Tobacco
Jim Hegan
It has some rounded corners and a couple creases,
but just enough to give it the really loved look.
All I would have needed was 50 bottom tabs to get a free cap,
 with the logo of my favorite team as well.
And free shipping !
Toledo is only a little over an hour from here,
I could have even hand delivered them.
If only I'd known......
Thanks Paul for the great card !
I now have a '52 and a '55.

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