Sunday, June 23, 2013

This is the Way Nachos Break

What : 2013 Topps Archives 3 box group break

Why : to get more cards, of course !

Where : Nachos Grande

When : the past couple weeks

Who : Fan of Reds

Here's the loot.
Naturally, the Indians were my team of choice.
Unfortunately, the Tribe just doesn't get much respect !
My random team was the Rockies.
Had a chance to trade them for the Pirates.
Forgot until it was too late, lost a Clemente card !
However !
I was one of the lucky recipients of this redemption card.
Maybe I can pull an old Feller card.
Chris was kind enough to include this little guy also.
I have two or three of these but no Indians !
He also remembered my Wrapper Collection.
I don't have easy access to hobby packs so these are greatly appreciated.
Especially the old tattoo wax wrapper !  Sweet !!
Thanks to Nachos Grande for the break.
Maybe if the Indians keep winning,
 like they did in the mid 90's,
I'll get more cards next year !!

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