Friday, June 21, 2013

USA Baseball - New Jim Abbott

I have always been a huge fan of Jim Abbott.

He is one of the few non-Indian players I collect. Just to get into a Major League line-up takes a special talent, but what he accomplished really shows what he's made of and says a ton about his upbringing. Most wouldn't have even tried, but failing wasn't an option for Jim.

I bought this pack, not even knowing there was an Abbott card in the checklist,
 and ended up with two !
The first is just an advertising card but it goes in the album anyway.
This " Champions" card tells of his complete game victory in South Korea in 1988
that gave the USA first place.
The base cards are interesting, but I wish they would have told what the players are doing now.
The final card was special also.
ex- Indian player/manager
Frank Robinson


  1. I'll trade you for the Kolten Wong. Email me at if you would be interested. Thanks!

  2. saw an interesting-looking bio of Abbott on the shelf at the bookstore yesterday....

  3. The more I see this set... the more I like it. Huge fan of Abbott too... congratulations on pulling both of his cards.