Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Catching up, Cards from Merry Old England

I'm confused.

Is it England, Great Britain or United Kingdom ?

Are they all the same ?  Is it more proper to use any one of them in particular ?

Right now, that is just too much for my brain to comprehend, so let's look and see what John from The Pursuit of Red Sox  or Pursuit of 80's(ness) or Pursuit of Jacoby ...... wait a minute, there goes my brain again.

How about some pictures !

This was just a small box but was it ever loaded.
There were all kinds of cards and various other collectibles.
What doctor did you go to?
Dr. Who.
That's what I want to know, the doctor's last name.
Who !!!
That's what I'm asking you!
Back to sports, here's a mini soccer player.
Very "posable" !
Yea !!   Stickers !!
Shiny stickers !
Cool,  now we got cards !
Shiny cards !
Gold cards !
Special codes !
Auto's, foils and rainbows.
These could be interesting.
But here's what you really want to see.
Baseball !!
Ouch !
Great shot of Carlos !
Metalness !
Not so bright right now.
Gots to learn how to hit in the show.
Some nice A&G.
Shades and shortstop.
Rick ? Is that that really you !?
Yuuuupppp !
Really cool Thome !
Million dollar moment, for sure.
Omar's Vulcan grip !
And finally, one of the main reasons for this trade !!
I really love these oddball Powerdeck things !
Thanks for the great trade John !
Hope to do it again sometime !
See ya next time !


  1. I've been researching those 1976 SSPC cards recently, and it apparently isn't Rick Manning on your card. I'd read that they inadvertently swapped the photos of Duane Kuiper and Rick Manning, and that does look more like Kuiper than Manning to me.

    I love those Match Attax cards! Seems like they pulled every perspective trick in the book to make them look 3-D.

    1. You win the prize ! A big give-a-way is the eyes. With the hats and long hair they look similar but Rick's eyes are brown.

  2. Love the Dr. Who figure and the Gwynn Power Deck! That soccer figure is pretty cool too.

  3. cool beans. I think England and United Kingdom are okay, but they don't use Great Britain anymore......... but what do I know?

    if you want to swap any of that soccer, send me an email.

  4. England is the one country.

    Great Britain is the entire island which includes England, Scotland and Wales.

    United Kingdom is the entire sovereign state, which includes Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and all the foreign territories.

    1. Jeff, thanks for clearing this up ! I always thought it was the same place, just different names. Tried clicking on your blog, still working things out ?