Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A long, long time ago at Community Gum ......

.....there was a 12 box break. That's right, 12 boxes of cardboard. Well, mostly cardboard, there was some Topps Tec involved. I've had this pile in front of me for way too long, just waiting to get photoized and posted. Well, the time has come ! Sorry it took so long, Jon !

I sent Jon an email early on, asking for some wrappers from the break and he was more than willing to oblige. The following wrappers show the products that were involved. This was the greatest break ever for me personally !

The late '90's and early 2000's were the most recent heydays for the Cleveland Indians. When a team is hot, the card companies usually respond. I knew these boxes should be good for my Tribe card collection.

Here's my loot from that huge break.

We'll start with Topps Total.

There was only one silver parallel, with a base card to go with it.

I love these Topps Gallery. I almost started collecting the set back in '01.

1999 Topps Stars was a slightly complicated set.

The bronze versions on the bottom were the base cards, 180 total.

The silvers were designated One-Star and had a corresponding star next to the card number on the back. Card numbers 1-100 were produced in silver.

The gold version was designated Two-Star, with two stars on the back, but only cards 1-50 were produced at that level.

There were also 3 and 4 star versions but were partial parallels, with 20 and 10 cards to the sets.

Then there were foil versions and several inserts.

Brandon Phillips was the only 2003 Finest card I received. I never really liked this design that much anyway.

2005 Turkey Red was a more popular set. I got these four Tribe cards.

Another confusing set, 2000 Gold Label has several classes.

Thome is Class 2 - fielding

Alomar is Class 1 - hitting

Manny on the left is Class - 2 , Manny on the right, is Class 3 - Running.

Pitchers had slightly different classifications.

There is also a die-cut, gold parallel #'d to 100.

My one 2000 Topps Tec insert. Manny the "Archi Tek"

It would take a whole post of it's own to explain this set, so I'm not even going to try it here !

Here's the set I really like !

I can't explain it, I just really like these Laser Cuts !

I did get a very nice selection of Indians out of this set.

2001 Topps Fusion. Another set that requires a long story ! I may tell that one someday.

Gold Label ? No more (Con ) Fusion !

One last Fusion card to show. This was my big hit of the break !

HOF bat card.

Robby Alomar.

I want to thank Jon, over at Community Gum, for this terrific break.

Once again, I'm sorry it took so long to get this posted !


  1. Some very cool cards.

    And I think '03 Finest was one of the best of their designs. Only '04 Finest, and possibly their early '94 design was better.

  2. If you want to collect Gallery now, I ended up getting a bunch of it with a lot of Heritage I won on EBay. I'd love to get rid of it, but don't have the heart to throw it in the trash.