Monday, February 13, 2012

302 card 2011 Topps Indian team set !

Parallels. You've got to be kidding me ! This is where Topps went way over the edge. Now, I don't mind chasing a parallel set, but nine different sets ! Ten if you count the Platinum 1/1. Give me a break !

The base card. I really like these cards. Clean and to the point. Some nice photos.

Then we have the Diamond Anniversary Limited Edition Factory Set. Series 1 and 2 parallel.

The factory packaged team set. This isn't exactly a parallel but they are a different version of some of the same players.

The Indian set is numbered to 17 with CLE preceding the card number. I assume these were made for each team, but I'm not really sure.

The gold version. This has been a standard for years.

The sparkly, diamond anniversary model. These are pretty cool. Depending on the background, some are really sharp looking cards.

They had to get carried away the concept though. The " Liquorfractors" or cognac versions are a little too dark for my liking. Some are really hard to look at.

This might be a worthwhile parallel. But they seem to be pretty rare. This is the only Target Retro Indian I have so far.

The thicker stock, darker back and slightly less slick front makes it feel like a "real" baseball card !

Seemingly just as rare, the Walmart Black version. Oddly enough, I have one Retro and one Black and both are Santana.

Next we have the Target Red Borders. These don't seem to be real plentiful either although ebay has many listings.

Finally the Walmart Blue Border. I think I like the Red better. At least for Indian cards.

Well, is there any I missed ? Did Toys R Us have a base parallel last year ? If they did I missed it.

I'm almost finished with a new want list for this set. I have 33 base cards, which I think is a complete set. Needless to say I need many parallels if anyone has any to offer !!


  1. I'm willing to bet that some cards will have close to 25 variations when you count (and I do) Topps Chrome and Topps Opening Day.

  2. I believe Toy R Us had a purple border parallel.