Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cards from Night Owl

I love to trade cards ! It seems like I almost never get a package without at least one card I need or want. Even with my terrible want lists ! (I am working on them)

Night Owl sent a nice assortment of 2011 base cards.

He even dug into Opening Day !

Then I saw this card. At first I thought it was some kind of reprint, but the way it was mis-cut made me wonder.

Flipping it over, I realized it was an original '75 mini ! I didn't know the nocturnal bird would let go of 1975 mini, even a poorly centered, probable duplicate ! Actually, the bad centering gives it a little character and reminds me of the good old days ! Thanks !!!

There was also a gold Travis Buck and a sparkly Matt LaPorta ! I need both of these.When I get done here, I'm going right to work on 2011 Topps parallel want list.

Thanks so much for the cards Night Owl !

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  1. Sure thing. I already got a card for the next stack.