Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Might as well add purple to the list.... and my first contest of 2012 !

What list you ask ?

Why, the parallel list, of course.

There were only two places I hadn't checked for 2012 Topps.

K-Mart and Toys 'R Us.

Now I just need to check K-Mart.

I found these individually bubble-wrapped packs at the Toy store. $2.99 per pack. Why the extra dollar ? The little gold seal in the upper right hand corner explains it perfectly ! " Includes 3 exclusive inserts ! Complete the entire set." Let's see, 3 purple borders per pack. 330 card set. You'll need 110 packs. That's like $330.00 to complete the set, IF you don't get any duplicates !! Yeah, I'm in for that. NOT !! The three purple bordered cards are loose, under the bubble, behind the pack.

I have 6 so far ! I don't what the chances are of finding all the Tribe cards, but I'll try ! Not by buying packs though.

I do like this one.

I also mentioned Contest !!

Last fall I broke up my Limited Edition Diamond Anniversary set into teams and offered them for trade.The response was really good ! All I asked for was some Tribe cards or $3-4 to cover S&H. Most of the interested collectors opted to send cards, although I did get some cold, hard cash as well. I've had all the trade packages sitting together in a box waiting to get them into a trade post. Night Owl, who was one of the first to claim a team, just gave me a great idea ! I'm going to have a trade post based on his 2009 OPC set post. I hope he doesn't have it copyrighted and try to sue. Can I use your idea, please !? I hope to have the post up Saturday morning.

I received nearly 300 Tribe cards for my Topps set ! I was amazed at some of the stuff I opened up ! My question to all of you readers is, how many duplicates did I get ? Not duplicates to my collection, there are quite a few, but how many dupes in the box shown above. I received cards from Canada to Texas and from Massachusetts to North Dakota ! I expected a lot of 2011 Topps. Did I get them ? What do you think ? This is open to anyone, not just those who participated in the break. The prize ? I don't know yet ! I'm waiting to see who wins. You guys and girls out there have such varied interests, that I didn't want to offer a prize that appealed to some of you but not others. Whoever wins will get a prize package tailored to their collecting interests.

Just leave a comment on this post and guess how many duplicate cards are the box shown above. The box contains all the cards I received for the Diamond Anniversary team sets that were requested. One guess per person please ! The winner is the one whose guess is closest to the actual number of dupes, high or low. I will award additional prizes for ties. You have until 12 PM EST Friday night, 02/10/2012, to get your comment in. I will announce the winner(s) on Saturday.

Thanks ! Good luck !!


  1. I'm not responsible for anything you do ...


  2. 14 dupes

    But the thing I want to comment about is the Toys R Us parallels. First off, I hate that there is another retail-only parallel to chase for team collectors, BUT I absolutely love the purple borders especially for my team. Now I just gotta track them down.

  3. Why noy try for 67. It just came to my mind...

  4. Since lucky #13 is gone, I'll go with 23 dupes.