Monday, March 5, 2012

Opening Day is here today !

I happened to stop at Target on my way home tonight and Opening Day was on the shelf.

Almost on the shelf.
There is an unused checkout lane right next to the card aisle. The card distributors use this as a table when sorting new products. I've seen unopened cartons sitting there before but they were always sealed. Tonight it looked liked whoever was unpacking the boxes was taking a break. There was a partially unpacked box, with some blasters inside, sitting on the conveyor and several of these hanger packs just laying there loose. I checked with customer service and was told it was OK to take what I wanted so I grabbed one pack. It looked like a gravity feed box inside the carton also, so there may be regular packs available tomorrow.

I'm not going to get to carried away here as we have all seen 2012 Topps and the Opening Day logo doesn't make them that much different.

This is the 24 card hanger pack priced at $3.19 or about $.14 per card.

Here is a sample of what I got.

Miguel seems to be watching a long drive coming off his bat. Looks almost like he's saying "Oooo, I got that one !"

Ryan Roberts, I'm not so sure about. May be the end of a dramatic fist pump or he got hit on the hand by a pitch !

C.C. looks like he is really filling out that uniform.

David Wright seems to be watching the fight of a ball also, but maybe one slicing foul from the way he's holding his bat.

The mascots are always interesting cards. According to the back of the card, this will be the Moose's 13th year representing the Great Northwest.

I was semi excited about getting a blue border until I realized they are seeded 1 in 2 packs !

These Fantasy Squad inserts, also 1 in 2, are certainly colorful.

The one Tribe card I got couldn't have been any more fitting. Cleveland's opening day starter !

Opening Day is always a nice set geared toward the younger set. Hopefully it will spark some interest in some young collectors to carry on the hobby as we get older !!

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  1. That's cool that you got a Justin Masterson card. A nice photo too! I really liked collecting Opening Day last year. I don't think I'll be buying any this year though.