Saturday, January 16, 2010

When is Road Kill is a Good Thing ?

When it's Democratic Roadkill from Duane, of course!

He sent a terrific package, a few miles north up Rt. 71, to me.
Actually it's about 100 miles, someday we have to get together.
Anyway, Duane sent some wrappers along with some very nice cards.
I started to post some of my wrapper collection but it got sidetracked by some trades and holidays.
That's one of my winter projects.

The cards start with a couple '08 Ultimate collections
and a Thome flashback.

Next we have some '09 A&G minis, including a black border Choo.

Then we go back '08 for another mini collection.

These, however, were the main basis for the trade.

Victor is gone but he will always be remembered in Cleveland and will be missed as a team leader. Maybe someday he'll be back like Sandy Alomar to become a coach.

Thank you very much Duane for the great cards!!
Your return package will be in the mail Monday.


  1. Victor will ALWAYS be an Indian. Man, I sure hope he gets a standing O when he's in town next season.

    BTW, isn't 100 miles up 71 in the middle of Lake Erie?

  2. Ok, I was a little off! Duane lives farther north of Columbus than I thought. He sent it 63.7 miles!!!