Wednesday, January 27, 2010

They're Baaaack : 2010 Topps Blaster w/ Historical Patch

I stopped at the local Meijers store tonight to check things out.They finally caught up with Target and have 2010 Topps!! Blasters, rack packs and individual packs.According to the box, our old friends , The Historical Patches are back.

Here's what this blaster had to offer.

Five of the 50 base cards. The only Tribe card in the whole box !! I love the Brewers "Franchise History card.

My first and only Gold parallel of 2010.

At first I wasn't sure what this card was. After checking the wrapper I'm thinking it must be "The Cards Your Mom Threw Out Original Backs". They are seeded 1:24 packs.

History of the Game I love these and want them all !!!!!! I love the historical side of baseball.

Legendary Lineage. Comparing legendary players to their modern counterparts There are some interesting facts here, but with the changes in rules and equipment, I'm not sure you can always make realistic comparisons.

Peak Performance. This would be another insert set that I want to collect. I'll be working on want lists this week-end.

Tales of the Game. Still another set I want!

The Cards Your Mom Threw Out. I thought I would want this set too, but I have a slight problem here. With Tim Lincecum.His card goes in the "What were they thinkin' ! " category.If you Mom (or wife) is throwing out your 2008 cards already, you better start picking them up off the floor. I just don't think a card this new belongs in this set.

2 of 10 Topps Town cards. The McCann is already promised to " McCann can Triple" and I'm thinking, if she doesn't already have it, "Covered in Wrappers" is salivating over the Puhols ! There was also a gold Man Ram.

Turkey Red. These are still nice looking cards, but they're getting a little old to me.

When They Were Young. This, I think, will be a fun and interesting set.

Now, there was one more pack in the box.

They did make the wrapper interesting this year.

The latest in the commemorative patches. MCP-9. Lou Gehrig from the 1937 World Series.At least it's a noteworthy player.

I was pretty happy with the box, except for the lack of Tribe cards.
The Meijer wrappers are the silver foil like you find in Walmart as opposed to the white vinyl that Target sells.


  1. I picked up 3 blasters today from Target. I got one of the parallels of Asdrubal Cabrera that I'd be willing to trade for an insert card of a Tiger.

  2. I would definitely be interested in the Cabrera.I don't have any 2010 Topps Tiger inserts yet.Anything else you are interested in? Send me an email and we can work something out.