Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Trade reports ...finally ! And a non-baseball Christmas present.

Christmas is over and we almost have everything back in place around the house so I hope to get back to some serious posting.I am so far behind on trades but I do have everything organized (I think!! ). I'm starting with the oldest brown envelope I have to post which is from Jeremy over at " No one's going to read this blog ". I read it a long time ago and I'm very glad I did! This package is dated Nov. 6th!! (I told you I was way behind ) I had sent Jeremy a selection of old cameras for the cost of shipping, which thrilled him immensely as his package did me.

Inside there were some very nice Tribe cards. From Topps insert Turkey Red to retro Goodwin to high tech Toppstowne to retro player Tris Speaker to retro logo Topps parallels !

But that was just the begining ! Next was a Martinez bat card and LaPorta rookie.
However the piece 'd resistance was yet to come.
We had a discussion via email about an item he had seen in a shop in his area.He tried to describe what he remembered but it was a little unclear.He told me if he went back there he would buy it for me. Luckily for me, it was still there.And if I remember correctly, he only paid $1.00 for this:

WOW !!!
This is from the 1962 Salada Tea/Junket Pudding Coin set.
There were 180 different coins to start with, but the total jumped to 221 when the Mets and Colt 45's came into exsistance. Variations have cropped up to increase the number to 265.
This is the only one I have and I'm very greatful to Jeremy for finding this !! Now please find me the other 12 Tribe players in the set !

Thank you very much for the great trade !!

Now for a Christmas present.
One of my wintertime hobbies is working jig-saw puzzles.
My youngest son Andy also likes to help.
My wife has a girl friend who found out, and she now tries to find the most difficult one to give me at Christmas time.
This year she did good !!

It DID come in a very nice decrotive tin !

1000 pieces on a card table.

Very tiny pieces !!
Thanks Linda!!!


  1. I'm glad you liked the cards. I was afraid that they had gotten lost in the mail! The Cliff Lee card is cool. I wish he'd stayed with the Indians. I really did like the cameras. I still haven't had a chance to develop the film yet. I have another little batch of cards in a pile for you if you're interested.

  2. I think I went blind when I saw how small that puzzle piece was.

  3. Jeremy, I'm always interested !! I'll see what I have for you! Sorry ,I should have let you know they arrived even if I couldn't get them posted right away. Play at the Plate,I may have to learn braille by the time I finish the puzzle.It's tough with bifocals !

  4. i love puzzles! have fun with that.