Thursday, January 14, 2010

Awesome auto's and Colla from Offy

As I continue my quest to get caught up on trade posts, so I can start new trades and some other projects I want to post, here are some great cards I received from Mike over at Offy's.

We had an auto trade going on and these are some extra Tribe cards he sent.

Hopefully ,two of our stars for upcoming season, Grady and Fausto will be performing up to their outstanding potential.

This didn't show up very well but it's from the 1993 Marlins Inaugural Year set.
These are hard to come by. This might be my only one.

The photo doesn't do this card justice either. It's a 2006 Travis Hafner UD green Future Stars 077/499.

Ah, the days of Pinnacle Baseball.Pinnacle and Pacific both had some terrific inserts and parallels.
Maybe too many, but they always seemed to be on the leading edge of new technology.
I love these cards.

Yamid Haad. Played with Buffalo in 2007. In 10 years he played for 14 different teams.
Mostly in the minors.Short stints with Pittsburgh and the Giants.
Home: Cartagena,Columbia.
I wonder if he ever met up with Michael Douglas,Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito !!

"X" marks the spot for Sizemore and a nice Kerry Wood refractor.

Here we go, back to the 90's again.
There was so much going on in the sports card world it was almost impossible to keep up.
These Diamond Marks, distributed by Barry Colla, were sold in packs like baseball cards but were actually supposed to be book marks.
There were 120 different "cards" with 8 inserts. This was the entire Cleveland Indians team set.The only one I had was the Lofton, so thank you very much for the others!

Now to the real meat of the trade.

2007 Bowman's Best Josh Barfield auto and
2007 UD Masterpiece "Strokes of Genius" Jeremy Sowers auto.

Thanks Mike for the terrific cards and the great trade.


  1. I remember Diamond Marks! It was a pain to find pages that would fit them.

    I think I had a full set at one point, though I have no idea what happened to it.

  2. I love the oddball stuff but storage can be a problem.I'm always searching craft stores, scrapbooking supplies and office supplies for different page configurations.