Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tribe Cards keep Rollin' in from Ed and CC

I'm still trying to catch-up on trades, so here are a couple more from November !

The first are from C.C. Martin over at From These Hazel Eyes.

Milton Bradley. What a waste of talent. He could have been a very great player and had a remarkable career if he could have just stayed in line.Did anyone take him for 2110? I know the Cubs were trying to unload him. Hector Luna, a decent player, also seemed to be searching for a home on his way through Cleveland.

Lary Sorensen, once an All-Star pitcher (although not for Cleveland) has seen his troubles too.Apparently likes to partake in liquid spirits.

Casey Blake, on the other hand, is a class act and I wish he was still in Cleveland.I didn't have this card of him taking a handshake from 3rd base coach Joel Skinner after an apparent round tripper.

Jeremy Sowers. An Indian card of a player who is actually still an Indian!That's almost a rare item these days.

Asdrubal Cabrera with his unassisted triple play on May 12, 2008.

These two cards were the main point of the trade.

First the Matt LaPorta Futures Game-used jersey and the Trevor Crowe auto.

Both, also still with the Tribe, at least for now.

Next up is large stack of cards from Ed over at Roll out the Barrel.

He sent me a very wide variety of terrific Tribe cards.

A lot of shiny !!
Fausto Carmona chrome and Scott Lewis X-fractor.

Plus two CC Sabathia exponential inserts I did not have!

(didn't have the chrome cards either)

Omar !!!

AC covers short pretty well but there was only one

Ooooomar Veeeeskel

Some more shiny 2006 Flair Showcase.

The Peralta is a Field Box (parallel ?). I had never actually seen one before.
There doesn't seem to be any listing in the catalogs. Help please!!

Then Ed added some 2008 Stadium Club including Sizemore,Kobayashi and Michael Aubrey 1st day issue.

Sticking with the upscale cards, we have these Ultra.

Cliff, Grady, V-Mart and CC.

Finishing with a mixture of CC, Kelly Shoppach and Jeffery Stevens (who left in the DeRosa deal).

Thanks very much to both of you !

You have added a number of new cards to my Tribe collection.

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  1. Bradley was traded to Seattle. That's how talented he is. Teams are STILL willing to take a chance on him despite all of his nonsense.

    Notice, he hasn't appeared on any team twice.