Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Priority Tribe Cards

Chris over at On Card Auto's saw a Nomar jersey card on on my trading post and quickly left a comment of interest.After a couple of emails we decided on a trade.The Nomar for an Asdrubal Cabrera jersey and maybe a few other Tribe cards as well. A few.

A couple days ago I came home to a small, USPS priority box from Chris.My first thought was " Well, he certainly uses sturdy packaging for a few cards".

This Topps jersey card was mostly what I was expecting. Much to my surprise, he also threw in the Dan Denham Bowman auto !! And a few extra Tribe cards.....

Just a few !! First of all, don't panic! He did not ship them loose in the box.They were tightly wrapped and sealed in cellophane in four individual packs.They all arrived perfectly.I didn't count but there has to be at least 200+ cards. And a very wide variety.I picked out a few favorites to share.

Wally Shaner, bottom center, got his first card 2 years after he died.1994 Conlon collection.It says he came up to Cleveland for a cup of coffee, common phrase for a short stint at the big league level, in 1923. He barely finished his coffee.3 games,1 for 4 with a run scored.Three years later he played in Boston for 2 years and finished his career with 13 games in Cincinnati in 1929.I love the Conlon Collection cards. I need to post my want list.

Slider !! Our colorful,fun loving mascot.Paul Shuey and his chorus line kick.Mark Whiten drops the bat and watches as the ball soars far away.

Boy I miss Omar.We all miss Omar.At least we'll see a lot of him this year if he makes it up with the White Sox (I believe I read they signed him). 1994, Eddie Murray's first year with the Tribe.

I don't know what to say Chris, except thank you very, very much for all the great Tribe cards!!
Be patient with me, your Nomar will be on it's way as soon as I can get some Cubbies together!!

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  1. Cool, glad you enjoyed them. I saw the picture and was afraid that I shipped them unprotected like that for a second! Thanks again