Thursday, January 14, 2010

1954 Retro Bowman Tribe card from Marie

Marie over at, A Cardboard Problem, sent me me a very nice Christmas packet (I know this is a little late,sorry!)

I opened the envelope and spread the cards out on my desk.
"A nice assortment" I thought, as I looked over the cards. "A couple new T-206 cards (Sizemore and Sowers),some OPC, some Topps nostalgia (Matt Williams), a retro '54 Bowman..... wait, I don't remember those ! I have to take a closer look."

WOW!! This is an original 1954 Bowman Bobby Avila card and in excellent condition !!
That was incredible. All for a mini Puhols card.
I have two other cards from this set. #36 George Strickland and #52 Joe Ginsberg.
Neither is near as nice as this one.
I can't thank you enough for this !!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !!!!


  1. You're welcome =)

    My uncle gave me a bunch from this set and told me to sell 'em, trade 'em or keep 'em. I knew you would really appreciate the card so I figured I'd sneak it in there.