Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Puzzle and Trades w/Sooz and Beardy. Question...

The Puzzle is finished !

Sooz and Play at the Plate both had comments on this, so here's the finished product. 1000 pieces in a 16"x14" square.

Sooz had this Branyan jersey card in a post at one time and I said I would be interested if I could find something she needed. Actually, I kinda' forgot about it. Then I sent her a Jeter card, and being younger and probably much smarter than I, she remembered ! And I'm very glad.
She also sent a few others with it.

First is a Zach Putnam auto. He pitched for Kinston and Akron last year

A Luis Valbuena rookie card. It says Tribe on the card even though he's still wearing a Seattle uniform so it's a keeper.

Finally, a Grady Sizemore. I had never seen one of these before
An interesting concept, but both sides look like the back!

One last card that came from Beardy.
Unfortunately for him, a Masterpiece box break didn't go so well.
It did work for me, however, and I ended up with this red framed V-Mart.

Sooz and Beardy,
Thank you very,very much for the great cards !!


A new antique/collectibles shop opened up in our little village just before Christmas.
Neil and his wife Joyce own the business.Neil was a serious collector until the "crazy" period of the mid to late 90's.
He does have some very nice cards and I have made a couple purchases there.

They also have the item pictured below.
Does anyone know exactly what it is ??

The plate on the bottom reads:

No. 1 Reliance
Single Cell Dry Battery
Whitall Tatum Co.

Is it just a battery?
On the right side of the case there is a sheet of very shiny metal that is removable.

If anyone knows, please leave a comment. Thanks!!


  1. I wanted to make sure you got the package I sent you a couple weeks ago...

  2. I don't know what it is, but I am glad you got the cards.

    I actually didn't realize that player had a different uni on. I just saw the Indians logo and threw it in the pile to send you.

  3. Nice Putnam! Although I don't actually have any of his cards yet, I've posted about him before, follow him closely and include him as one of my "Secondary collections" in my Trading Philosophy. I may need to find some other nice Indians for you to pry it from your hands!

  4. Grandy, you're welcome to make an offer,but I very rarely trade a Tribe card I need for my collection! Surprise me !!