Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thorzul's Budget Break

Thorzul had a budget box break a couple weeks ago and this was some of the Tribe loot I ended up with.

First some 1997 Circa.
I like this set because there are several different background colors and
designs, even within the same team.
Player names are a little tough to read in some cases,but I still like them.
I even needed a couple of these cards.

The top Dennis Martinez is from 1996 Score and is the
"Dugout Collection" parallel.
These were nice looking cards with the copper colored border.
Below is Albie Lopez in the regular, white bordered basecard.
Albie was known for his bubble gum bubbles as shown in the 1995 Pinnacle set.

The only trouble with older box breaks is most of the players are no longer on the team!!
But, that's all part of the system and why I no longer have any favorite players.
I will always root for the Tribe, but it's hard to get too excited about
individual players when you know they probably won't be there that long.

Lastly , we have 1999 Upper Deck MVP.
I was never overwhelmed by this set but the Omar silver script is nice.
Too bad one of the Colon duplicates wasn't!

There was also a nice selection of Astros cards

that went to my oldest son Josh.

Thanks Thorzul, for this break.

I added a few more cards too my ever growing collection!


  1. You and I are in the same boat! I don't think there are any current Pirates worth collecting (maybe McCutchen if he sticks around) so I started a Bill Madlock collection.

  2. Do you think that Score could have chosen any worse pictures for the Martinez and the 2 Lopez cards? Not exactly flattering images of those two.

  3. Hitman,you're right.I could go with Sizemore but I don't expect him to be here long term.
    RoofGod, you still hangin'around!I'm still waiting for your second post !! Those really weren't the best shots of them.