Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kenny and Albert reunited ?! Halloween trick?

Kenny: Hey Albert! Good to see ya' man,how ya' been?

Albert: Hi ya, Kenny.Long time no see! I've been out in the Ozarks stayin' with some crazy kat who thinks he's Micheal J reincarnated! I tell you it was scary. I was never so glad to enter that mailer going to Ohio.I was hoping I'd run into some old friends.

Kenny: I know what you mean! I was stuck in some *&#$@ flea market for what seemed liked forever.All these people coming through gawkin' at me, acting like they were Cleveland Indian fans.They were all complaining about the team this year.They only wanna' admit being fans when the team is winning,like when we were playing together.

Albert: Yeah, that David guy out in Ak., he was a true Tribe fan, and it was a real nice place to stay.That lady there, now she could cook! But I had to get outta' there.I was afraid next,he was gonna' dress up like my dead Gran Maw,rest her soul!

Kenny:Well Albert,you've got a good home with me here in Ohio. There are a lot of friends and memories around here! Oh, and I think David was just preparing for Halloween!

Albert: Yeah, you're probably right.I Do miss those kids.You know I love kids.Speaking of which,it is Halloween night.I gotta' go keep an eye on the front yard. See ya' later.

Yep,here they are,together again!

A while back,David,over at Tribe Cards had a post on some of these little guys.They came out in 1995 but I didn't remember them at all.Then, a couple weeks later, I was at a flea market with my oldest son Josh and found a table full of them. Kenny was the only Tribe player they had though.

I had to work 1/2 a day today and came home to find a mailer on the counter.It said trick-or-treat from Tribecards! I wasn't sure what to expect, so I cautiously opened it up, and there inside was Albert!!! No trick just treat.

But it didn't stop there.

David had also posted about the Jack Clark auto above.

I mentioned that I had the base card to go with it, if he wanted it.

So what do he do? Sends me the auto!

So this was a real treat for Halloween this year. Without any sugar to send my A1C back up again! (finally got it stable at 6.3)

Well David,hope you have a Happy Halloween !!

Thank you very much for the treats!!

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