Saturday, October 3, 2009

Trade with First Day Issue

Yeah, I know these are football cards. There's a story here!

The yellow bubble envelopes keep coming in and I keep sending more out.Sometimes it seems like a vicious circle,but the end results are worth it!

This package came from MadHandle11 over at First Day Issue .

The last time he sent me cards, there were 2-3 Browns football cards included. One was a Mayo Cut Plug and I mentioned that my youngest son was working on that set.I am guessing that's why the cards above were in this package! That's just a sampling of the ones he sent and the timing couldn't have been better.Friday was Andy's 22nd birthday! He will be home next week-end and these cards will be waiting for him.

Not nearly as many cards as we traded the first time,but still some great quality Tribers.

I didn't have this Bazooka comic,and it is absolutely priceless!

The Lofton chrome didn't photograph too well,
but the Manny hologram turned out nice.
I guess I should ask Santa for a scanner this year!

This Sizemore jersey card was really nice !

As was this Hafner A&G.

You don't see too many of these 1999 Skybox Metal Explosion cards.
I have a Thome, Manny Ramirez and now David Justice.
Anybody got any more !!!

This was only a few of the Indians MadHandler11 sent this way,but some of my favorites!

Thank you very much. I'm working on some Mariners to head out west!


  1. Nice! Any trade with old school SPx & Metal is an automatic win. :)

  2. Glad you liked the cards Baseball Dad. I will keep sending Indians your way as I get them, take care!

  3. Thanks MadHandle11 ! I just put a package in the mail today,headed to Wa.