Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Brand of Cards I've never Seen Before!

Phungo'd !

Obviously, these are some rare specimens.
I wasn't able to identify these in any catalog !

These are really cool and at least one will be added to my Sample Card Collection.

I also received a couple Masterpieces to add to my sets.

Then he threw in a nice sampling of Tribe cards

including a very nice 1960 Topps Ed Fitzgerald.

Along with some old, newer and shiny!!

Plus a great mixture of years, brands and players.

Thank you very much for the cool cards!!

On another note, it seems that all my posts of late have been concerning trades.
Now, trades ARE a good thing, especially for building up my collection at a minimal expense and hopefully helping others do the same.

But that is not the only intention I had when I started this blog.

In the next 30 days or so I'm planning some major changes which ,hopefully, will allow me to get some other points across while still continuing to make lots of trades.

Stay tuned and watch for the rebirth of Baseball Dad and All Tribe Baseball !!

If I build it, will you come ?

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  1. Enjoy the card - I was very happy on my end w/ both the want list cards and the Phils.