Monday, October 19, 2009

Cards from the Night

OWL that is!
Our nocturnal friend sent me a whole stack of Tribe card goodness
including the ones above and below.
Well, they were mostly Tribe cards. This is the second time Night Owl has found me a new Christmas ornament to add to my collection. Before long I will be getting out my Baseball Christmas Tree again.

Next up are a couple of parallels I need.

A black-bordered OPC Scott Lewis and

Jake Westbrook 2006 Topps Gold

I love this Stadium Club Omar!

Just look at the determination on his face !
Sorry Harold,I think you're going back to the dugout!!

I always liked the SportsFlix.

I was going to try and collect all of them at one time, but then we had a yard sale.

Some little kid came along and got real excited when he saw some.

I sold him some at 10 cents a piece,and as he walked away,he exclaimed to his Mother " I like these, they're holographic !"

Here we have a 2006 Franklin Gutierrez Gold,Upper Deck rookie #'d 80/99
and a 1999 Upper Deck Roberto Alomar All-Star card.

From the earlier days of Fleer, he sent a 1987 Limited Edition Joe Carter
and some Fleer Action Series Stickers w/ a Tribe logo.

I should have redone these but I didn't realize how bad they were until it was too late.
We know Night Owl likes shiny.
He gave up two Topps Chromes with C.C. and Kerry Wood.

I know there is a lot of consternation among the bloggers about this set !
I know this set has some issues and rightfully so.
I remember the Fleer issues and yes, the ticket stub cards SHOULD match players with the proper games.
But I still like the design.
It's clean,the photos stand out and there is some nice trivia on the backs.
So, Thank you very much Night Owl, for all the great cards!!

If I build it,will you come?

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  1. You're very welcome. I hope staring at the Bonds card/ornament in December doesn't ruin your Christmas spirit!