Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More on Fan Paks with Checklist

Fan Paks by Enterplay

I have seen at least two other posts on this relatively new product so now I thought I'd add my 2-cents worth.

Six card packs sell for $1.99

Six pack blasters sell for $9.95

So far I have only seen them at Target, although I'm sure they are, or will be, available elsewhere.

Each pack has 2 Standees, 2 Headline Cards, 1 Trivia / Game Card and 1 Tatoo Card

They are available in three different wrapper designs. If you know me and my wrapper collection, you know I had to buy one of each !

Here are the three wrapper designs.

The green finger wrapper features David Ortiz and Josh Hamilton.

The orange finger wrapper features A-Rod and Albert Puhols.

The blue finger wrapper features Ichiro and Jimmy Rollins.

Cards 1-35 are "Headline" cards with player photos on the front and simulated newspaper stories on the back.

No's 36-70 are called 'Standees". The center, player section, of these die-cut cards punches out, then folds on pre-scribed lines and locks together to form a stand-up player card.

The back of each Standee has 3 trivia questions about the featured player.

71-88 are Trivia / game cards.

They feature several trivia questions and facts on both sides of the cards.

Tatoo cards are numbered T-1 through T-22.

They have team logos, catch phrases and other misc. baseball related symbols.

I have two of the Hanley Ramiriz Standees,so he became the guinea pig for folding .
These are kind of neat. I've always liked odd-ball items anyway.

The checklist for these cards can be found here : enter-play
The biggest complaint I have with these cards is the odd size @ 3 3/8 " square, which can create storage problems.
They are a fun set and, for you canucks, there is also a Hockey Fan Pak set !

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  1. Only 1 Red in the entire set...and it's not even a standee. Bummer - but that explains why I didn't get any Reds in the packs I opened...