Friday, October 30, 2009

The Tribe Came Trolling Along

After all this time,I finally got hooked up with "The Troll". He sent me a very nice introductory package of Tribe cards! Below are just a few samples of what he sent.

From 2008 Topps Heritage we have Fausto and Kenny.

Fausto Carmona,a young power pitcher,we all hope will regain his form from 2007.That would be a big boost for next year.

Kenny Lofton,who originally signed with Houston,came to Cleveland in 1992 and became one the premier center fielders in all of baseball.After one year in Atlanta,in 1997, he returned to Cleveland until 2002. In 2007,five years and 8 teams later, he made a final comeback to the Wigwam and gave the fans something to talk and reminisce about for a while.

I love this shot. Ryan Garko is a pretty big man to be stretched out that far!
He couldn't seem to find his form from 2007 either,and of course,is now gone.

Joe Borowski. It seems like the whole team from 2007 collapsed in 2008.

A nice Infield Power insert of Garko.

And the "Destruction Crew" has almost all "self destructed".
"VM"is gone, "Pronk" can't seem to get his power stroke back but hopefully Sizemore can return from his surgeries and give us some more exciting seasons.

But here was the big piece to this package !

Yep, a C.C. gold refractor ! Troll said he wanted to find a good home for this and he certainly did!! Thank you very much for all the great cards!

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  1. So glad you liked them! Now we are officially introduced... That CC card is nice, but it just didn't fit in my collection. I feared him as an Indian, was curious about him as a Brewer and consider him a joke as a Yankee...