Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trade with Joe

A couple weeks ago I received an email from Joe M. over in Poughkeepsie, New York. He collects Mets and Mike Piazza cards but doesn't have his own blog yet.He enjoys reading the many of them out there,and like all of us, is always discovering new ones! Joe said he had some Tribe cards and would be interested in trading.It didn't take long for me to answer that email.I love to trade! Right in the middle of my illness I received a yellow mailer with a big stack of Indian cards inside, which helped perk me up a lot.Now that I'm feeling better and seem to be over my bug, I'm trying to catch up on several trades,so here's what I received from Joe!

There was a good sized stack of cards with a very wide variety of years and brands.

There was old school color with a 1984 Fleer Bert Blyleven, another one of the big stars the Tribe always seems to acquire at the end of their careers!

Plus a newer B/W version of Omar Vizquel's 2005 Diamond King.Omar falls into the Tribe catagory of : "he can't play any more so we'll trade him" as he goes on to win another gold glove!!

Turkey Reds

2006 Grady Sizemore and 2007 Travis Hafner

There had to be some shiny!

1997 Finest Orel Hershiser,38 years old by the end of '96 season,but he WAS still compettitve!

Jeremy Sowers and Jhonny Peralta

2006 Bowman Heritage Chrome,based on 1949 Bowman

I love the old Pacific cards!

1996 Albert Belle Pacific Crown Collection Memorable Moments Milestones.Brilliant blue background behind his white uniform makes this a very sharp card. The card celebrates Belle as the first player to hit 50 HR's and 50 doubles in the same season.

Dennis Martinez and Manny Ramirez in another insert set from 1996 Pacific Crown,Latin Players.

And yet another beautiful insert!!

1997 Topps Sweet Strokes. This is one of the rare cases where the photo shows the effect better than looking at the actual card.

Next we have a 2005 Topps Jody Gerut black refractor #155/225. Nice!

1994 Finest HOF 'er Eddie Murray.

The good old days!

2005 Upper Deck Classics Early Wynn. Another HOF 'er.

2006 Upper Deck Ryan Garko.Hmmm...very slim and trim looking in his rookie season.And when did they have a dome on "The Jake" ?!?

Finally, a couple of the many Thome cards Joe sent.

2001 Donruss Signature Series

1997 Metal Universe

Like both very much!

Thanks Joe for all the Tribe cards !

Your Mets will be in the mail tomorrow,I promise!!

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