Saturday, October 10, 2009

Triple trades Matt F.,Big D and Fan of Reds

What a week this has been! I've been sick, my wife has been sick and our youngest son Andy came home from BGSU this week-end, for fall break and to celebrate his birthday ,which was 10/2/09.Having Andy home made us both feel better, but receiving three packages in the mail helped me a lot too!

A couple weeks ago, Matt F. at Heart Breaking Cards was showing some 2009 Goodwin Champions.One card that caught my eye was a poker player. My sons are always playing and I thought Josh, our oldest, would like it. Matt said he would send it to me along with a few Tribe cards. Great, now I just wait for the mail to arrive!

One day this past week when I came home from work,I saw a package from Matt. I thought it was a little overkill on the packaging, but better too much protection than not enough. This was a pretty good sized box for one card and few Indians so I tore off the brown paper wrapping.

This is the card I was expecting....

but I found a 2009 Upper Deck blaster!! Matt, did you get me mixed up with someone else?
I'm not going to complain about a blaster, but I really wanted the poker card!

Oh, I see !!! A little bait 'n switch!
The bait worked and the switch was just awesome!
The Ng card was there along with way more than a FEW Indians.

Brad Snyder.
This was one of my favorites .
Brad was born in Sandusky where I work.
Well , not at the Chrysler dealer where I work, but at the hospital (I guess!)
He grew up in Bellvue,Ohio which is about 30 miles west of my home.My wife's sister and her husband also live there.I'm going to have to look Brad up sometime and see if I can get this card signed! I have one other Bowman rookie card of him. Does anyone out there have anymore of his cards? I would be very interested in them.Even duplicates of the ones I have.

Also included were these M&M's of Manny and C.C.
Plus some shiny!!
I know, some people would call me "Joe the Collector" ( no offence Jeff !! ) for getting so excited over these shiny ,chromium cards , but the C.C. IS AWESOME . The photo does not do it justice!

Some more nice Tribers. I like the little square Sportflics hologram thingy.
Also, the Joe Borowski mini is an A&G back.

Bad Boy Belle on top.
Manny being Manny on the bottom,and this might be my first card of Nic Weglarz.

Could this be the next Tribe manager?
John says no,but sometimes that means maybe ,but I don't want to admit it yet.

There were many, many more cards in the box.Some old some new but all great Indians !!

Thank you very much Matt !! I working on a return package!

Next up is a package from Big D over at "Hey That's Mine"

He had some of the first Topps "Tickets to Stardom" cards I'd had seen.
He wanted to trade them so I asked for a couple for my sample collection and a wrapper.
Luckily,for me, the pack was a hobby version which I don't get a chance to pick up very often.
Then he threw in a couple more wrappers for good measure!

He also found a cople 2007 Masterpieces I needed.

I know, more Yankees !! But there just going into my sample card box where it's always dark (but at least there are no bugs!)
I had also asked for the Kerry Wood,but he through in some other Indians as well!

Thank you Big D for the great cards !!

I'm also working on a package for you three guys!

Last, but certainly not least, is the package from Fan of Reds over at "Nachos Grande"

He, like a lot of you out there, was overwhelmed with Allen & Ginter cards and wanted to share with others.

While I was not interested in collecting the whole set, there were a few cards that were interesting to me for noe reason or another. You don't see female ball players on cards too often so I wanted the Cat Osterman. Mickey Mantle was one of childhood heroes and. of course, I had to have the Martinez card!
The other three are just interesting to me for one reason or another.

Of course, he had a few extra Tribe cards too, which he included.
Thank you too!! You should have a return package by now !

Thanks to all the bloggers for their generosity!


  1. Sandusky, eh? I've been to Cedar Point like 5 times. I went to college nearby and my girlfriend is a coaster freak so I've probably been on the Magnum 20 times. Such a good park.

  2. I work at a Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep dealer on Rt 6 right down from the entrance. In the summer it's almost impossible to turn left out our parking lot!

  3. Man, those are some very COOL cards!!