Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trading with Coot Veal, Hello and good-bye to Travis Hafner

I still have a lot of trade posts to catch up with so here I go !

Hello Travis ! A nice matched pair from 2008 Upper Deck  X.

A Manny Bazooka cartoon I needed.
"The Rock" from 1979 TCMA.
Grady could have been the new Rock had he remained healthy.

Lots of gold ! Parallels are always welcomed here. Seems like they are hard to find in Indian form.

I have one album dedicated to all the cards of former/retired  players.
I also love stickers and logo cards.

 Three more inserts/parallels and a classic pose of Matt Williams.

Hot Rookie !!
Somehow, I did not have this card !  And now I do.

The main point of the trade was Travis.
I like the way the "home plate" patch fits right into the design.

Thanks to Dustin, at Coot Veal and the Vealtones, for all the great cards !
I have a return package on the way !

This post started with Travis Hafner and ends with him as well.

Good luck to you Travis, wherever you end up. 

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