Sunday, November 18, 2012

Last chance ! Plus, I do use ebay

Good  Morning  AMERICA !
Today is your last chance to claim one of my free cards.
What ever is left after midnight EST tonight will become trade bait.
All the details are right here !
I do use ebay once in a while.Mostly just for buying hard to find cards.I don't usually post my winnings here unless I find something really exciting or something I want to use as trade bait.I do keep all of you bloggers in mind when I'm surfing through the myriad of cards available, especially when I'm viewing the seller's other auctions.
Here are a few Tribe cards I recently received.

 I miss the '90's ! There were so many different choices and some really great looking cards.
The Leaf 50th anniversary cards were some of my favorites.

 1994 Leaf Gold Leaf Rookie Manny Ramiriz. A very dark card and hard to look at,even in person.

2010 Bowman Josh Tomlin Gold

And back to the 1990's ! 1994 Score Hall of Gold Eddie Murray.They were right, he was headed for the HOF.
1995 Pacific Collection Manny Ramiriz.
Will he make it ?
He certainly has the numbers, but a storied career to go with them.
What do you think ?

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  1. The steroid issue will keep him out. Him and McGwire will float around the same vote totals until they fall off the ballot. Whether thats right or wrong is the issue. Ramirez clearly has hall of fame numbers in my mind but does it matter that it was artifically aided when just as many pitchers have been caught. Personally I think let them all in and just make it clear that his numbers were inflated due to the era.